Rainbow Hair Colors for Holidays 2016

With the Christmas holidays coming around already, we seek for changes, for warmth and New Year mood. The best option in this case are the brand new hair colors 2016. While we have been speaking about natural looks for any occasion, we forgot about the new rainbow hairstyles trend, that won popularity very quickly. And actually nothing can be better to create holiday hairstyles than ultra trendy and modern hair coloring. If you want to get back to summer and sunny days, you can play with sunset hair colors. If you want to look more like winter, play with pastel rainbow hair shades.

Best Rainbow Hair Colors 2016

The important thing to know about such tones and shades is the gradient coloring technique. You do not have to spoil your hair with not professional dyeing technique, instead visit a pro hair stylist and he will convert your dream into reality.

Dreamy sunset hair colors for 2016

Brown to pink Rainbow hair colors 2016 Violet Rainbow hair colors 2016

After the hard working year unfortunately not all of us can afford leaving the cold winter cities and go for a warmer climate and the sun and the sea. But nothing can keep you away from creating your own sunny looks, that can be easily achieved by sunset hair colors, that will allow you to play with various sunny hair colors from brown to orange and pink to violet.

Pink Rainbow hair colors

Pink Rainbow hair colors 2016 Sunset Rainbow hair colors 2016 Bright Orange Rainbow hair colors 2016

Rainbow hair colors became popular hairstyles all of a sudden, and actually it is not for everyone to have multi-colored hair. That is why you can choose wearing hair shades introducing the play of one color and its different shades.

Orange hair colors 2016

Bright Rainbow Hair Colors

Bright Rainbow hair colors 2016 Rainbow highlights

As the new hair trends 2016 merge in, some of us are ready to take the challenge and make the change. For those who are ready for it, the brightest rainbow hair shades are here. Have a look and get inspired. A perfect solution to create party hairstyles for the holiday season.

Pastel hair colors for Christmas holidays

Pastel Rainbow hair colors 2016 Soft Rainbow hair colors 2016

If you want to go along with the season and not to apply vivid hair colors, then pastel shades are what you really need. Pastel hair colors came back into fashion a season ago, and now they have developed into rainbow color palette. This is really amazing. If you happen to combine the colors with smart French and Ditch braids, you will get the looks to astonish everyone around.

Macaron Rainbow hair colors 2016

Whether to follow this crazy hair colors trends or no, is all your decision. Natural hair shades and hairstyles are always good, but for the time of vacations and parties, you can choose something more than being casual.