Pretty Reverse Ombre Hair Solutions

Multi-toned hair combos have faded away and now we witness the crazy popularity of ombre hair colors. Any base tone can fit for ombre highlights that in an instance can make you change your image and the world inside as well. This is about regular ombre hair. But what about reverse ombre? Actually it is not so popular as traditional ombre highlights, cause it bears the risk of being different. yet it looks simply amazing on long hair introducing the most unthinkable transitions from light to dark hair colors, and making trendy hairstyles be more attractive. Here you can find pretty reverse ombre hair solutions not only for extra long hair but for medium haircuts as well.

This long hairstyle represent cutest transition from light platinum blonde to light brown and finally to jet black. Looks great on shaggy haircuts that you can find here as well blonde to black reverse ombre hair 2014 The thing with reverse ombre is that it often look not natural and very edgy. But in this example we see smooth transition from brown to blonde that makes bronde ombre hair very smart and to my taste. bronde reverse ombre hair Crazy reddish brown hair color changing softly to jet black is a very daring decision. On layered haircut like this red ombre hair is not only impressive but looks quite logical and even natural. dark red to black ombre hair

Purple reverse ombre os a very brave step to express yourself through hair colors. To be softer I can suggest substituting purple with auburn that will look a bit calmer. maroon-to-purple reverse ombre The soft change from strawberry blonde to light brown is so natural that you can hardly think of reverse ombre hair when you see it. Even though the hair length is medium, the transition is done very professionally. strawberry blonde reverse ombre hair 2014