Outrageous Merman Hair Trends For Men

Do you think that mermaid hairstyles are only women priority? Well, a while ago you would be right. But now you are wrong from head to toes. The new trend for men's hairstyles is already here. With it men can boast the things that were considered purely lady like before. I am talking about outrageous merman hair trends for men. Actually, you can guess from the word merman that it is just the copy of women hairstyles. Thus, we refer to sea and ocean and sea-foam colors and everything about underwater reign. In a word, the blue-green hair colors for men. amazing-merman-hair-trends-for-men However, it would be to simple for men to just copy ladies' color, so they went farther to inventing various shades with highlights, going yellow and pink and back to green. If you are amazed as much as I am about this, let me take you to the world of merman trends.

Blue hair colors for men

blue-hair-colors-for-men No doubt, blue is among the number one shades more suitable for the sea spirits. Men dye hair into fierce ice blue and into the soft pastel shades. And for some of them, it looks perfectly nice.

Merman hair trends for men and green colors

green-hair-color-and-merman-hair-trends merman-mens-hairstyles crazy-merman-hairstyles This greenish, or better say tortoise hair colors for men are perhaps the most amazing within this new trend. Resembling the sea with all the highlights they have, it is not surprising that they have gained so much popularity. By the way, the lumbersexual trend is still in house, so do not forget to dye your beard too. Or you can dye only your beard. Leaving hair with natural color and changing the beard shade drastically.

Pastel hair colors for men's hair trends

merman-hair-trends-for-men-and-pastel-colors violet-hair-color-merman-hair-trends pink-merman-hair-trends Actually merman hair trends for men have gone much ahead of just the tortoise color. What we see on strong willful men now can be even pink, even violet colors, that curiously enough do not make them look less manly and attractive.

Yellow merman hairstyles

merman-hair-colors-trends mermen-hair-trends Finally, I feel it necessary to mention that there have always been and will be men that are different form the crowd. They can express it in many ways and wearing different hairstyles i one of the options. Luckily, this new mass trend will give the guys much opportunities to speak out their feelings and show off character. So why wait longer? Adopt now the merman color you love!