Multi Colored Rainbow Box Braids You Will Be Impressed With

Rainbow box braids for black women are only for summer time? Feeling the approaching cold breath of winter, totally disoriented we start to think about our hairstyles for 2017 winter time and somehow we look through solid and dull colors, to fit the mood of nature that is going to sleep for a while. However I would advice you to change the way you think and better adopt multi colored protective hairstyles that will keep your spirits high with brightest shades, and also protect hair and scalp from chilly weather. How does it sound?

best multi colored rainbow box braids for black women 2017

To me it sounds perfect, and that is why I am here to introduce you this gallery of multicolored rainbow box braids that will impress you and inspire to look like a blossoming flower in the middle of cold winter.

Pastel rainbow box braids for black women

double knots from rainbow box braids

pastel blue rainbow jumbo braids hairstyles

pastel rainbow black women box braids

pastel rainbow colored black women box braids

If saying rainbow you at once imagine the seven color son real rainbows, so bright and eye-catching, I will make you happy with this pastel rainbow shades for jumbo braids. These ones seem to be the most appropriate for sulky weather, if you are among those who do want to look jazzy, but not too bright and rebel.

Bright rainbow colors for black women box braids hairstyles 2017

pink and orange multi colored box braids for black women

The most striking yellowy orange and pink colors combination on box braids can lead to creation of such awesome multicolored looks, that are definitely meant for the ladies who are ready for exaggerated attention and eyes rolling from head to toes from every passerby.

multi color rainbow box braids

extra bright multi colored box braids

Your rainbow braids can become your fav hairstyles for winter by the way. Of course if you are not going to style them and forget for two months about taking care. Colored box braids require some maintenance, like scalp moisturizing, that will let you grow out hair healthy and shining.

Bold rainbow jumbo box braids hair

long rainbow box jumbo braids small and big box braids in multi colors

No matter on micro braids or on big box braids, the colorful extensions always look equally stunning. You can stick to such rainbow shades, or you can choose transitional colors, that create the ombre highlighting effect, it will look modern too.

top knots out of multi colored rainbow box braids

Double top knots and so popular bantu knots now (that are worn not only by African-American ladies presently)  become far more expressive and impressive once you have injected your tresses with colors. Such looks will never be forgotten.