Warm Celebrity Winter Hairstyles

Looking for something new? Holidays are approaching and you still have time to add some unique touch to your winter hairstyles. You can go for a complete makeover, or just add some highlights to get warmer looks. And to know what is on trend for 2016 surely we need to go through celebrity hairstyles in first place. For winter looks there are two mainstream popular hairstyles - long hairstyles and bob haircuts. Yes, long hair are here and there and everywhere and yes, bob cuts never go out of fashion. But what is there so modern and unique in the new hair trends 2016? Rich hair colors, some soft highlights? Straight hair or wavy?

Best Celebrity Winter Hairstyles

Well, first of all it is natural authentic appearance. Of you scroll down the beauty looks you will fond no polished and strict hairstyle, all are a bit messy, a bit bedhead, so cosy and even intimate. And here is the tendency - to look as if you have done nothing! Curious? Let's see some more hairstyles pictures now.

Celebrity long hairstyles for holidays 2016

Ciara Winter Hairstyles

Alessandra Ambrosio Winter Hairstyles

For all teh ladies are forever in love with long hair, and can never imagine cutting of to bob or a pixie, here you see the perfect long hair. The secret of looking fresh and modern lays in healthy and glossy hair. Deep hair color and regularly trimmed ends - this is the way to perfect winter image.

Carey Mulligan Winter Hairstyles Gwyneth Paltrow Winter Hairstyles Miranda Kerr Winter Hairstyles

For some of us staying with one dimensional hair color is a bit dull and we seek for some solutions, like highlights for dark hair. The best option here is to follow the remarkable babylights sported by Miranda Kerr. They freshen up her face, and look incredibly natural, as if she was born with this hair and there is no hairstylist involved.

Georgia May Jagger Winter Hairstyles

Celebrity bob haircuts for winter

Dakota Johnson Winter Hairstyles

After the "50 Shades of Grey" Dakota Johnson's hairstyles became a real sensation and topic of endless discussions. Ladies tried to look like her with long messy hairstyles with bangs. But here is she with a completely new bob haircut, completed by very cute and professional highlights for brown hair.

Jennifer Lawrence Winter Hairstyles Rachel McAdams Winter Hairstyles

Cute blonde bob haircuts are classy and at the same time very stylish and modern,. Celebrities manage to style them a bit messy, a bit edgy, so sexy and sensual. They are really precious hairstyles for holidays!

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem Winter Hairstyles

And finally here comes the most classy bob haircut ever - the very straight one level bob, without any layers, completed with straight bangs. This is really classy, however it looks so modern in our times too. The deep color only make sit look better and richer. If you are ready for a total change, this should be the haircut to try on.