Summer Side Braids Hairstyles 2015

Hair trends 2015 have it that long hairstyles are the main tendency and that is why starting from last year ladies rushed to grow out hair, and now with the coming of hot summer weather we face a problem of dealing with long hair. For sure simple ponytails and buns will always do, but there are exquisite braids hairstyles for summer time that will make your life easier. Braided styles can be of million of types and today we will speak about side braids hairstyles that are really popular this season. First I should note that last season's messy looks are not that favourable now, and you better follow this article to know what braids to create.

Summer Side Braids 2015

The most popular hairstyles among side braids now are wide braids. You create bog braids, not too tight and pick out and stretch each tress to edges and so you make a wide plait, that is the definite trend for summer 2015. These popular hairstyles are casual and are more of boho looks, but if you are skilled enough, you will be able to create even elegant evening hairstyles with wide side braids.

Wide plait side braids for summer 2015

Side Braids 2015 1

These new braided hairstyles are very cute indeed and they look super stylish. Even busy young moms can devote some minutes to creating the adorable summer hairstyle.

Elegant summer side braids hairstyles

Accurate Small Side Braids 2015 Summer

Partial Side Braids 2015 Summer

As we see side braids can look both casual and elegant. Besides it is not necessary to plait all the tresses, you can only a part and create a separate side braid, or you can integrate it to you mane. Actually, side braids are extremely versatile.

Side fishtail braids for summer 2015

Side fishtail braids for summer 2015

Fishtails have their unique place in braids of all types. And recently they have become too fashionable, so don't miss your chance to show off with a nice fishtail braid plaited to one side.

Messy side braid and a side Dutch braid Summer 2015

Messy Side Braids 2015

Side Dutch Braids 2015

Though messy styles have gone a bit out of the mainstream tendencies, we can still see the cute messy side braids that can;t help admiring us with their tender looks. And also don't miss out Dutch braids that are also quite curious, particularly when styled to one side.

Large Braids to fishtail braids 2015 Summer

Side Braids And a Fishtail 2015

Well it is not a new thing that braids always stay on top of popularity due to the fact that modern designers and stylist can't stop inventing more and more new fantastic braids ideas. And this new fusion of braid into a fishtail is very nice.

Mixed style side braids summer 2015

Brunette Side Braids 2015 Cute Side Braids 2015

Well nothing more to add here, just keep in mind that braided hairstyles are gorgeous for any occasion, from the simple French braid or braided ponytail to exquisite and complicated braided updos, and to the most summer hairstyles - braids swept to one side, fishtails, and Dutch braids.

Elegant Side Fishtail Braids 2015

Elegant Side Fishtail Braids 2015

Mixed style Side Braids 2015

Mixed style Side Braids 2015