Statement Mohawk Hairstyles 2015

If you love being in the limelight and get all eyes on you, then Mohawk hairstyles are meant for you. But will you really dare to create the authentic Mohawk and shave sides for that? Some may say yes, for others it may be too much. And here comes the best solution - faux hawk hairstyles. It is impressive and glamorous, can fit any hair type and doesn't require edgy steps. With your statement faux hawk hairstyles you can look chic every day, you can go to a party and even official dinner with you partners and colleagues. Such imitation of Mohawk hairstyles 2015 will be your best choice to get stunning looks and stand out of the crown that follows the trends of center parts and sleek hair.

Statement Mohawk Hairstyles 2015

If you still have doubts about popular hairstyles like Mohawk, you should definitely look through my gallery and see that faux hawk is cool, as it can be classy and funky, and adorable in both cases.

Braided Mohawk hairstyles 2015

Dutch braid Mohawk Hairstyles  2015 Elegant Mohawk Hairstyles  2015

Small braids Mohawk Hairstyles  2015

If you want to combine elegant and badass looks in one, you should try braided faux hawk hairstyles. Braids will make you look classy, but once you choose high heels, impressive big jewellery and some leather accessory, your look will change for a lady vamp.

Messy Mohawk hairstyles

Messy Mohawk Hairstyles  2015 Braids and curls Mohawk Hairstyles  2015

Braided sides Mohawk Hairstyles  2015

The modern hairstyles if we closely follow hair trends 2015 stand for messy looks, because they are natural and relaxed , and that is why it is stylish to have a faux hawk a bit messed up, as if after sleep. Alongside, very accurate Mohawks with braided sides are also stunning.

Mohawk hairstyles and pastel hair colors 2015

Mohawk Hairstyles  and pastel hair colors 2015

While we are still in summer and we can afford having crazy hair colors, I can advice you to combine this pastel pink with faux hawk. You will be the center of attention.

Huge French braid  Faux hawk hairstyles

Huge French braid  Faux hawk hairstyles

For long hair, this Mohawk style will look very beautiful. To add some more volume t the Mohawk part, you can have hair curled, or gofre.

Naturally Curly Mohawk Hairstyles 2015

Naturally Curly Mohawk Hairstyles 2015

For black women with their cute natural curls adopting such Mohawk can be a good choice. Though it won't be that easy to create, but once you manage, you will have such cute appearance, that will be natural and gorgeous.

Creative Faux Hawk hairstyles

Faux hawk Hairstyles for black women 2015

What about this sufficient Mohawk? For sure, it is quite complicated and not easy to create yourself, almost impossible. But mind that it is extremely impressive and nice. The braided strand separating the Mohawk from sides end in a hugest fishtail ever.

Here were some ideas on Faux hawk as a worthy alternative for radical authentic Mohawk styles, now you can choose on your own which way to go and which one to adopt.