Punk Hairstyles

There comes time in lives of each of us when we seek our inner harmony. In such difficult period we need to express what's within somehow. Hairstyle is one of the best ways to tell the world what's going on. Punk hairstyles can be called the most suitable hairstyles for expressing yourself, they can never be dull, always very expressive and bold, just like the state of your soul. Punk hairstyles offer greatest designs for any taste and it's up to you to go edgy or just a smart twist is enough. Basically punk styles are designed on pixie, Mohawk and fauxhawk hairstyles, but with all the possible new tricks, asymmetrical layers are allowed, shaved sides and crazy colors, even the most soft and cute designs can be punk nowadays. Shaved sides is usually Mohawk hairstyles, and for many women it may seem too dramatic, while pixie for example can be very tender on the one hand, and vamp up your look with some layered details on the other. Here are the pictures.

 popular punk hairstyles

Indeed glamorous punk hairstyle, for women who are very independent and self-confident, and know well enough things about fashion and style.

punk bob haircut

Classy bob hairstyles can seem boring from time to time, why not update them with crop cut one side?

multicolor short punk hairstyle

Pixie haircuts are the most popular base for punk designs, completed with such a rainbow colored bang it will catch attention.

short punk hairstyles

Daring color decision on the bang and having styled it upwards will convert a traditional pixie into a real fun.

punk haircuts

It won't be an easy decision to shave sides and back part, to obtain such an incredible Mohawk hairstyle, yet it look very daring and full of spirit.