New Start with Sombre Hair Colors 2016

September is in here already and while some are still thinking how to look this fall, the others look further and get ready for 2016 hairstyles and trends. The coming Fashion Weeks in different corners of the world will for sure set the main tendencies, but meanwhile we are waiting for them, let me introduce to you the sombre hair colors that will definitely create popular hairstyles in 2016. Why sombre? Where are the ombre highlights we have been discussing so much? Actually sombre is the same ombre and implies the same idea of having the ends lighter and the roots darker.

Sombre hair colors 2016

Still, ombre hair colors are more definite and straight, while sombre shows a perfect transition of color, barely noticeable. You have your ends lighter, but they do not become dark at once, you have many shades that merge into your natural hair color, frame your face and create the unforgettable appearance.

Miranda Kerr subtle sombre hair colors

Miranda Kerr Sombre hair colors 2016 Wavy Sombre hair colors 2016

Naturally Sombre hair colors 2016

Common people like you and me when talking about somber first of all imagine blonde hair colors and its shades, but hair trends 2016 and hair experts insist on somber highlights for dark hair colors, like brown and brunette. Here you can choose caramel and honey highlights, that will look natural, won’t make you a slave of the hair color, and at the same time will enlighten your looks.

Cara Delevingne sombre hair colors

Cara Delevingne Sombre hair colors 2016 Blonde Sombre hair colors 2016

Cute Sombre hair colors 2016

These transitional hair highlights will fit the ladies that are afraid to make a grand change and dye hair into some controversial hair color, highlights will not be vivid and shouting, still will underline your beauty and bring some movement to your looks.

Celebrity sombre hair colors

Brunette Sombre hair colors 2016 Messy Sombre hairstyles 2016

After all, mind that sombre color is not an easy task, so once you have decided to go for it, make sure to choose a professional hairstylist that will be able to convert your hair ideas into reality.

Blonde and brunette sombre hair colors

Sombre hairstyles 2016 Brown Sombre hair colors 2016