Lovely Vacation Summer Hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time for vacations. After the whole year spent at wok or at college we need a good rest. We plan our trips thoroughly not to miss any single detail and make sure that the journey will be a real fun without unexpected happenings. Among all the stuff we thunk beforehand, I must say that the choice of summer hairstyles is quite significant. On the road to the sea we need to take the most of the fun, instead of thinking of creating cute hairstyles, washing hair and spending hours on styling. Forget about big city popular hairstyles and for summer choose the most comfortable and easy-to-do hair designs that will allow you to enjoy the vacations to the full. Here is a collection of lovely vacation summer hairstyles 2014, that will make the choice of hairstyle for you much easier, I hope.

Beach waves summer hairstyles 2014

Here is the one of the trendy hairstyles for summer. Beach waves are always in the mainstream. They are not difficult to design. If you have naturally curly hair, then apply some texturizer. If hair is straight, then you can make braids for the night, and in the morning just leave the braids loose and enjoy no styling at all. Perfect hairstyles for long summer trips.

beach waves summer hairstyles 2014

Headband braid summer hairstyles 2014

A perfect decision for ladies who want to keep hair loose and boost the tresses on the one hand, and on the other who want to take bangs away from face on the road. Besides, the braided headband makes you look kind of flirty.

headband braid summer hairstyles 2014

Messy ponytail summer hairstyles 2014

Forever popular hairstyle is the messy ponytail that can be designed in any condition and on any hair type. Can be the best companion on vacations as requires no care, even mirror is not needed.

messy ponytail summer hairstyles 2014

Pigtail braids summer hairstyles 2014

A bit childih pigtail braids make good hairstyles for vacations. You hair is pulled to two braids, is not left loose, that for summer hot weather is ideal.

pigtail braids summer hairstyles 2014

Side ponytail summer hairstyles 2014

Another variation of ponytail perfectly fits the line of summer hairstyles. Making a side ponytail makes you look soft and playful, some styling skills will allow you to make a bit more sophisticated version that will be perfect for summer beach parties.

side ponytail summer hairstyles 2014

Top knot summer hairstyles 2014

What can be better than old good top knot summer hairstyles. Hot weather, humidity can spoil the image of the hairstyle, while when styled in a top knot you will look fantastic in any situation.

top knot summer hairstyles 2014

Summer hairstyles 2014

And reverse braids ending in a top knot couldn't be left out from this summer hairstyles collection.

summer-hairstyles 2014