Jazzy Black Women Short Hairstyles 2016

Short hairstyles for black women have their irreplaceable position in the ratings of black hairstyles. For sure, once you are tired of caring of your hair, you will have at your disposal endless variations of braids and twists for African American hair type, that are all cool and make you get rid of hair problems for more than a month. But once you dare to boost natural hair, you must have it short. Long hair in this case will be too problematic, while short haircuts will on the one hand show off natural hairstyles, and on the other hand will be incomparably much easier to style and manage each single day. Hair trends 2016 sport authentic looks, and you can take your chance to have the short natural haircuts that flooded recent fashion weeks.

best black women short hairstyles 2016

If you have enough time, go for short pixies and bob hairstyles, that will require your efforts to look proper and nice, but at the end the result is really worth the tortures. Anyway, the decision is up to you, I can only offer the brief gallery of short haircuts for African American women.

Short natural hairstyles for black women

Lupita Nyong'o short Afro hairstyles reddish short hairstyles for black women

natural curly short hairstyles for black women natural short hairstyles for black women short curly hairstyles for black women

The authentic curly hair of black women styled very short are the new trend of the current and coming seasons as well. The runway shows have recently represented many natural looks for black women, and have changed the vision of black models all over the world. Indeed, the perfect symmetric facial features of a black women make it excellent base for incredibly short cuts that shift all attention to face.

Tyra Banks short pixie with highlights

Tyra Banks short pixie for black women

For beauty bunnies like Tyra having natural hair as it is can never be enough. She has played with short and long hair, with colors and textures. And this short pixie of hers, represented with caramel highlights is really impressive. Well, it can be not so practical, but the image is awesome.

Short Mohawk hairtsyles for black women

best short hairstyles for black women 2016

Lupita Nyong'o Mohawk hairstyles for black women Vintage Mohawk hairstyles for black women Naturally cirly Mohawk hairstyles stylish Mohawk hairstyles for black women

Mohawk hairstyles are the one that incredibly fir black women, the type of hair, the features and even the lifestyle. While ladies with thin hair spent hours on styling and maintaining a Mohawk, a black lady can just have the sides shaved and here you are with a statement Mohawk of your own. It is equally nice with curly hawk and with a straight one.

Solange extra short natural hair

Solange extra short hairstyles for black women

Solange always stands out with her deep affection for natural hairstyles, from box braids and Afros to extra short natural hair. And all these typical black women hairstyles fit her a lot.

Beyonce caramel bob haircut

Beyonce bob hairstyles for black women

And her sister on the contrary sports the diversity of hairstyles that not all black women can afford. From long voluminous tresses to the sleek straight bob hairstyles. Beyonce goes on experimenting endlessly.

Black women short hairstyles 2016

Janet Jackson smooth short black hairstyles short wavy hairstyles for black women 2016

This was only a small piece in the infinite possibilities for black women and their short haircuts, just never stop experimenting and playing with style.