Full Guide To 2017 Hairstyles For Women Over 50

The new fashion season is awaiting us ahead and now this is the very moment to see the full guide to 2017 hairstyles for over 50. Mature women are unique in their style and perception of fashion. No new tricks can attract them unless they are really good. You can never cheat a grown up woman with new bleached blonde or some asymmetrical fashion styles. Reaching a certain age a woman becomes very definite in her desires, wishes and looks. In a word, around 50 woman adopt her special style in everything and stays true to it. As for popular hairstyles, there are several that can fit you.


Obviously, many older women love short cuts. They go for short and long pixie cuts, for bobs and lobs. And only a few still dare to wear long hairstyles. Why? Cause they are not functional. Below you will see various designs, all very easy and cute.

Pixie haircuts for older women

Judi Dench iconic pixie cuts 2017


Pixie haircuts are the most fascinating and most commonly adopted by older women. There can be no doubt about this. You will agree wit me. For example, take Judi Dench. Her iconic grey pixie cut seems to be with her for ages, and it will be wit her next year too. I mean it really suits her and the messy way she styles her short cut make her look much younger.

Bob hairstyles for mature women

celebrity-bob-hairstyles-for-mature-women medium-hairstyles-for-fine-hair-for-women-over-50 2017-bob-hairstyles-for-older-women

Well, not too much can be said about bob. It is the hairstyle that appears on the peak of popularity nowadays. And for older women it is a good fit indeed. First of all he length is face embracing, in case you want to conceal some minor faults you do not like. Secondly, it is trendy, so 2017 hairstyles for over 50 will definitely include short bob cuts.

2017 hairstyles for over 50 - medium length


mature women middle length hairstyles 2017

When you become a bit more than 30 you suddenly start to love hairstyles that are easy to maintain. The morning procedures for styling start to kill you and you starve for some way not to do with hair anything at all. This is medium hair talk. The length is perfect for those who want to make a simple ponytail, and also an sophisticated updo for a special day.

2017 long hairstyles for older women

2017-long-hairstyles-for-older-women long-grey-hairstyles-2017-for-mature-women

The truth is that many of us really will hate hair care procedures. However, no matter the age woman remains a woman. And long hairstyles are a quite good way to express your femininity.