Fashion Weeks Cold Winter Hairstyles 2016

Though the fashion weeks hairstyles for 2016 spring and summer season are all quite fresh and light, and very fitting warm weather, we could sort out some unique hairstyles that you had better wear in winter. For sure we will spot the same tendencies for long hair, smooth and slick, for center parts so widely spread now, and for wet hairstyles that regardless of seasons follow us everywhere. Still, there is something more in these popular winter hairstyles. And in first place I should mention the make-up that converts the look to a very cold winter image. The pale skin tones, pastel eye shadows and lipstick, or on the contrary brighter colors on pale faces, will make you look like the ice queen.

Cold winter hairstyles 2016

From New York to Paris, you will find below the neat hairstyles pictures, that form a very useful gallery of winter looks. Just be smart enough, not to confuse styles and colors. By the way, for winter looks you also have to pay special attention to hair colors. See the best examples below.

Wet effect long hairstyles

Max Mara hairstyles 2016 Prada hairstyles 2016

Christopher Kane hairstyles 2016

These very wet hairstyles, backcombed and so slick will also fit summer weather, cause you will look as if out of water. But it is without make up. If you want to have frozen looks, apply some vivid colors and leave your skin fair toned, and here you are, looking very strict and more appropriate for colder time.

Curly bob hairstyles

TOPSHOP UNIQUE hairstyles 2016

Among all the icy images, this cute curly bob haircut really stands out. For sure it will be worth to wear in spring too cause it really looks quite fresh and daring, but imagine yourself among frozen people, so colorless, and here you come with playful curls and red lipstick and accessories. That will hit the chart!

Winter hairstyles

ALBERTA FERRETTI hairstyles 2016

NO. 21 hairstyles 2016

Classy bob hairstyles

Fendi hairstyles 2016

In the times of complete triumph of long hairstyles, we still can adore bob haircuts from time to time. Some celebrities always turn to timeless bob, and designers at fashion shows also never miss it out. If you have fair hair color, try out this cute bob hairstyles, fixed with a small hair piece, and make sure to have the rightly chosen make-up – the arrows really look impressive.

Winter hair colors

MARY KATRANZOU hairstyles 2016 Emporio Armani hairstyles 2016

Giles hairstyles 2016

As mentioned above, you should also be attentive with hair colors. They should be either fair, looking really cold, you can even add some jewel hair pieces to complete the look, or on the contrary the colors should be warm and dark, like bronde – the most popular mixture of brown and blonde - or brunette hair colors, that will make great contrast with pale skin and make-up.