Dutch Braids

Hair styling trends are quite changeable and new designs and styles come forward each new season, but among all these braids hairstyles seem to always remain on top. Greatest many variations of French braids and twists as well as fishtails have come into fashion, and they are all cute, but women always seek for something new. And here come Dutch braids. It is also called backwards braiding. At first sight you may think that it is very tender and can be ruined with a single gust of wind, yet it;s not like that. Above all Dutch braids hairstyle is not very difficult to create, just some tips and a little bit of practice. And after it you will see how a new line of fantastic hairstyles opens to you. In this post you will find some amazing examples of Dutch braids and you will be able to update your image for the coming summer. For ruffled and voluminous braid, Dutch style is the best option. Actually, it is easy to design, it is the same 3 section braid. Dutch braids are plaited almost like French braids but the difference is that you bring the strands beneath the central section, while in French style you do it above. And the result is the astounding new braid. Inside out braid is considered very stylish in modern fashion industry. It can serve a base for sophisticated hairstyles, like Dutch flower hairstyle, when on the back part hair are braided into a flower and it really looks like flower petals. Nevertheless, Dutch braids can also fit any casual outfit. The good thing with it is that this hairstyle asks no age, it suits equally both to girls and grown-ups. So let's take a look at the gorgeous styles and start experimenting with it. dutch braid and low bun This cute hairstyle with inside out braid simply takes breath away. French backwards braids ending in a low bun, and it is all combined with brown hair with blonde highlights! The strands left out makes the image more playful. dutch braids Doesn't this hairstyle remind you of two braids at school years? It does for sure! With only difference of Dutch braids now, that changed the image to very feminine bridal hairstyle. bang dutch braids Headband braided hairstyle is very suitable for curly hair that usually get on nerves on the bang part, and braided like this we see a new hairstyle. Kate Middleton dutch braided hairstyle The British style icon looks unforgettable in such a hairstyle! Inside out braid with 4 strands from front part fixed into a bun result in a very elegant hairstyle. Rihanna Dutch braids hairstyle This astounding hairstyle will make any woman feel like a princess. Two thin braids from both sides frame the face nicely and they both end in a Dutch side braid that is really amazing especially on red hair color. wedding dutch braids Look thoroughly at this hairstyle, all brides-to-be! A perfect idea for wedding, low inside out braid, and locks on the crown area, that end in a side braid look so romantic and innocent.