Curly Hair Updos

You have an important event coming soon? Then you need to get prepared in advance, to think thoroughly about all details and possible occasions. And hairstyle is among the number one thongs to plan beforehand. For sure updo hairstyles have always been popular for any formal event. But the trends 2014 prompt us not to have polished and neat updo, but better boost natural hair texture. That is why curly hair updos are in the mainstream coming seasons of 2014. And i am proud to introduce you the most flattering design updo curly hairstyles.

You may say that updo is an updo, no matter curly or straight hair you always have the same result, but it's far from being true. Let's discuss the trends a bit.

  • In first place you must know that large curls will be in fashion, loose and airy that will inspire brightness to your image.
  • during the last seasons braids have come into fashion and are not going to yield positions. Stylists think, I totally agree with them, that braided hairstyles make women more feminine and tender. So be free to add braid to curly updo you are creating.
  • Bun hairstyles are in trends as well, with curly hair they look cute and natural and Christian Dior and Nina Richie represented such buns during their recent fashion shows.
  • Wet hair look is still popular this year, and it can be applied not only for loose and long hair, but for updo hairstyles as if you are just from shower.
  • Stylists this year stand for natural hair, so careless and bedhead hair designs are in fashion. Loose updo hairstyles become more popular, they seem not to be styled on purpose, but suddenly comer into an updo by themselves.

Well, now let's take a look at the examples of curly updo.

bridal updo hairstyle

You see how curls tightened into an updo and completed with a loose Ducth braid turn into a real bridal updo hairstyles.

classy bun updo

The high bun is a classical design of an updo hairstyle, it will turn you to a real queen f the ball. And such bun is never out of fashion.

curly updo hairstyle

It is so nice to have such a hairstyle, that is light and easy and so cute. Definitely side design, loose updo, curly hair, and strands left it are the trend of updo hairstyles 2014.

braided curly updo

Curly braided hairstyle! What can be nicer! The combination is astounding, the fishtail braid ends in a low bun, and the loose structure make curly hair so vivid.

julianne hough curly updo

Blonde curly updos are so feminine. A girl in a such hairstyle converts to a little fairly, flirty and playful.

updos for curly hair

Just a glance at this hairstyle will make you think that it's just a simple messy updo, with no styling skills, But a closer examinaion will make you understand that it's delicate mixture of straight and curly hair, that brought such naturally curly hairstyles.