Cool & Casual Top Knots Hairstyles 2015

Top knots have always been with us and no one can deny that. The very simple hairstyles are the life saver for women from each corner of the world. Ow to fight bad hair days? Make a top knot. How to style bedhead? Make a top knot. But these top knot hairstyles for fall 2015 are quite different. Here they are not the relaxed and untidy buns that we knew before. Now we sleek and more polished versions, thought they can be styled messy. These updo hairstyles are no longer stay-at-home hairstyles, but now the popular hairstyles will fit an cocktail party, a gallery opening event and even a beach wedding. During these days several celebrities with long hairstyles have been spotted with top knots and this already talks about having a new tendency,

top knots hairstyles 2015

Actually seems that bun hairstyles are left behind somehow, and now we are going to hear about top knots all the time. One new feature about them is that they are extremely high, that makes them look super stylish. So let’s follow the hair trends 2015 and adopt the cute top knots.

Messy top knots

messy top knots 2015

messy top knots hairstyles 2015

blonde top knots 2015

Most of the top knot for the coming autumn are classy and are funky at the same time. That is to say they introduce a fusion of styles. On the one hand we see a classy updo, and on the other it is something funky, yet quite feminine.

Casual top knot hairstyles 2015

cool top knots 2015

street style top knots 2015

street style top knots 2015

As you can see, top knots are casual hairstyles that can be worn with your every day outfit. Sometimes you can combine them with eye catching earrings and vivid make up and convert them from street-style hairstyles into cocktail looks.

Sumo knots for Fall 2015

Sumo knots 2015

The trend of having extra sleek and very well defined top knots came with the main hair trends of this year. And it continues to be in fashion as we see. The popular sumo knots will still rock runways in fall 2015.

Relaxed top knot hairstyles

top knots hairstyles 2015 Fallrelaxed top knots 2015

Look at the pictures above and see what diverse images can be created with top knots. Either elegant and romantic girl getting ready for a date, or a funky teen with a tie bow.

Vintage top knots

vintage top knots hairstyles 2015

Sometimes, alongside with cool and everyday hairstyles we spot vintage images that catch attention at once. This retro updo representing a knot is one of them.

beach top knot hairstyles 2015

top knots 2015 Summer

If you seek for summer and do not ant to believe that we are approaching autumn little by little, then you should try out this beach top knot. It should be created on a bit wet hair left to dry on its own. For sure, it will look sexy.

Celebrity top knots

top knots 2015 Gwen Stefani

And we can't miss out that the trends start from celebrities, and top knots are no exclusion. Gwen Stefani cute messy and very high note is a good example to start with.