Celebrity Cute Fishtail Braids 2015

Hours spent on hair styling, patience and time, efforts and again patoence. Ladies with long hairstyles will understand what I am talking about. Spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out the way to cretae the best braids hairstyles 2015 is what many of us are doing right now. Braids were popular before and theyv are popuar hairstyles now. But there is one type hat became extremely on-trend receltlyy due to celebrity looks and choices. This is about the fishtail braids. They became so popular because they are not very difficult to create firstly, and secondly they give the great range of designs. So you can turn on your imagination and start following the hair trends 2015!

celebrity fishtail braids 2015

As I said fishtail braids are cute and not very complicated. Still you need to have some skills to design the wonderful examples of celebrity hairstyles I am going to introduce in this article. So start playing with your long tresses and experimenting and I am sure that soon enough you will have skills and the tolerance to style the notorious fishtail braids.

Kim Kardashian fishtail braids 2015

Kim Kardashian fishtail braids 2015

One good thing about fishtails is that they do not need to be very neat and polished. Fishtail braids can be loose, casual, ordinary and still remain cute. This loose fishtail of Kim is a good example of relaxed style.

Brunette celebrity fishtail braids 2015

Kendall Jenner fishtail braids 2015

Nina Dobrev fishtail braids 2015

Jessica Szhor fishtail braids 2015 Vanessa Hudgens fishtail braids 2015

Brunette is the hair color that many celebrities come to choose. It shows strong character and wisdom, and it makes a woman very sensual, a bit aggressive, yet quite sexy. If you have long deep brown hair color, you can try any variations of braids hairstyles, and a fishtail is no exclusion. Make a tight fishtail ponytail, or have a loose side fishtail braid, you will look equally unforgettable.

Nicole Kidman fishtail braids 2015

Nicole Kidman fishtail braids 2015

As always elegant, and playful, and delicate! Nicole with her strawberry blonde hair color, sometimes reaching copper, is attractive no matter what hairstyles she chooses. But this romantic side fishtail makes her even more feminine.

Red color fishtail braids 2015

Rihanna fishtail braids 2015 Bella Thorne fishtail braids 2015

Actually any hair color is a good base for braids and complicated designs. But vibrant red of Rihanna and her long side fishtail are flattening, aren't they? And bright copper hair color, the side braid and the flirty black color ribbon also make a good combination.

Eva Longoria side fishtail braids 2015

Eva Longoria side fishtail braids 2015

One of the celebrities known for her hair color is Eva Longoria, famous for her brunette hair colors. Seldom she can try some subtle highlights, but almost always she stay true to this deep and dark color, The messy side fishtail looks perfect in a couple with long dark hair and soft rosy dress.

Blonde fishtail braids 2015

Blake Lively fishtail braids 2015 Diana Agron fishtail braids 2015

Some celebrities following the hair trends 2015 stay natural and choose being closer to inborn hair color and for some celebrities it is blonde. The loose and messy fishtail looks very girlish in this case. While tighter fishtail braided ponytail will make you look stronger.

Alicia Keys fishtail braids 2015

Alicia Keys fishtail braids 2015

For black women fishtail braids are unique. On the thick hair texture they look voluminous and extremely nice. If you are an owner of the African American thick and healthy hair, then straighten you tresses first, and then plait them into the cutest side fishtails.

Beyonce fishtail braids 2015 Gabrielle Union fishtail braids 2015