Cannes Film Festival 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles

Here we are again to witness the annual Cannes Film Festival 2016 and to see the best celebrity hairstyles on the red carpet. Cannes Festival can really be called the most elegant event, the French know how to spread the atmosphere of elegance and romance, and no matter where you are from you are obliged to willingly follow the trends. And the truth is that when it comes to delicate taste and elegance, better leave the trendsetting responsibility to the French. Well, too many words are required to describe the beauty seen on the red carpet - the evening gowns, the masterful make up and of course the celebrity hairstyles are inspiring and full of summer scent and ambient.

Best Celebrity hairstyles Cannes 2016

The hairstyles worn by the well known film stars and celebrities are quite variable, yet we can clearly notice the line that hair trends 2016 have been guiding through the past seasons - the natural looks, without too much artificial touch. So here we go through the the most inspiring popular hairstyles pictures.

Woody Allen at Cannes 2016

Blake Lively, Woody Allen and Kristen Stewart - Cannes 2016

Well, it is not really about hairstyles and best looks, but I couldn't miss out Woody Allen His forever look, his signature glasses, the shirt and simple trousers, make him always look casual, yet so recognizable. Of course, the girls surround them I am sure ae familiar to you.

Blake Lively celebrity hairstyles 2016 Cannes

Blake Lively hairstyles Cannes 2016

Blake Lively hairstyles Cannes 2016 - Versace Blake Lively hairstyles Cannes 2016 1

This year representing several brand new movies, Blake is noticed on and off the red carpet in Cannes quite often. And anywhere we spot her, she looks simply fantastic, With her gorgeous long hairstyles with summer caramel highlights, she is astounding even though almost always she is wearing very neat and casual updo hairstyles. We love her look!

Kendall Jenner at Cannes 2016

Kendall Jenner hairstyles from Cannes 2016

Kendall Jenner hairstyles Cannes 2016

Kendall keeps being in the center of attention wherever she happens to appear. She was fabulous at all the red carpet events of the last seasons, and now we see her again in a very smartly chosen dress, transparent, yet not revealing all. As for hairstyles, from time to time Kendall goes on sporting the slicked back hairstyles. And I have to mention here that wet hairstyles suit all of the sisters.

Celebrity hairstyles at Cannes Film Festival 2016

Eva Longoria hairstyles Cannes 2016 Doutzen Kroes hairstyles Cannes 2016

Some of the stars have attended so many events in their lives that they can look to the point without taking to much efforts, Eva is one of them. Her statement deep brown hair color and medium length hairstyles are always the best compliment to her look.

Kristen Stewart short blonde hairstyles

Kristen Stewart hairstyles Cannes 2016

Once adopted this asymmetric haircut Kristen seems to have fallen in love with it, she is playing with colors, changing between brown and red, and to blonde, but the haircuts remains the same. Well, this can already be called her statement look - the messy bed effect short haircut.

Victoria Beckham hairstyles Cannes 2016 Julia Roberts hairstyles Cannes 2016 Julianne Moore hairstyles Cannes 2016 Naomi Watts hairstyles Cannes 2016

As we can see the celebrity hairstyles have one thing in common  they are all authentic. We could hardly spot any super complicated hairstyle among celebs in Cannes. Julia Roberts is with her amazing mane of chocolate brown hair color as always. Naomi Watts is blonde with bob haircut, Victoria Beckham goes on with her style of a lady vamp.

Sonia Benamar hairstyles Cannes 2016 Jessica Chastain hairstyles Cannes 2016

Amal Clooney at Cannes 2016

Amal and George Clooney hairstyles Cannes 2016

Another gorgeous woman that never betrays her styles is Amal Clooney. Her elegant dresses are always worth attention, and her deep brunette hair color and long tresses stay unchanged. Well, we can't help admiring George over and over again, so elegant and handsome, and manly, yes!

Fantastic celebrity looks from Cannes Film Festival 2016

Bianca Balti hairstyles Cannes 2016 Soonam Kapoor hairstyles from Cannes 2016

The Cannes red carpet always bring forward the best looks from the celebrities all over the world, and this is just the beginning of the festival.