Braided Bun Hairstyles To Look Cool & Nice

Braids hairstyles are always on the peak of popularity, no matter what trends come forward or leave the fashion world, there is always some essential space and special niche left for braided hair looks. You can go with them anywhere you want from everyday casual looks for work and date night, to red carpet and official business meetings. It all depends on what style of braids you choose. Polished, tight and strict for professional looks, messy easy and relaxed to go out with friends, and romantic fishtails and Ditch braids for the first date. And among all there is one style that can be adapted to any situation.

best braided bun hairstyles

We talk about braided bun hairstyles to look cool and nice. It is very modern now to style buns and top knots, and so that you do not look casual here is a while collection of braids that are used together with buns. Style and enjoy!

Bun hairstyles with front braids

bun hairstyles with front braids bun with front braids

Recently this look has gained much popularity among young people, it is even take to mens hairstyles. The somewhat tip knot rather than a bun is accompanied wit the front strand braided, thus creating a curious and non-casual hairstyle.

Cross braids bun hairstyles

cross braided bun hairstyles cross braided bun

For skilled ladies here is a cross braided bun. You need to create two braids coming from side, then cross them one over the other and fix on the opposite side in a low bun.

Reverse braids bun hairstyles

messy reverse braided bun

reverse braids bun hair reverse braided bun on pink hair reverse braids bun hairstyles

Reverse braids are universal styles. You can wear them at gym for a full work out and you can go to a business dinner together with your boss. For sure there is some difference in the braid itself, you can make it tight and classy, or choose modern messy bedhead looks.

Sophisticated braided buns

intricate braided low bun hairstyles

Such braided buns are worth going to wedding with you, like bridesmaid styles or even like the bride's hair look. For creating such look you'd better go to hairstylist, yet if you have long hair and are used to styling it, it will make no problem for you to adopt this one new style.

Celebrity braided bun hairstyles

celebrity braided bun hairstyles

If you love the celebrity hairstyle above, then here are the instructions: make a slicked and high ponytail, then braid the tail and roll it into a bun. Easy as it is, yet how nice and glam.