Admiring Short Curly Hairstyles

The general rule for women is always seeking for something we do not have. If we are blondes, we want to become brunettes. If we have curly hair we desire for hair that will be sleek and straight. But stop here! Curly hairstyles are really adorable. Hair trends 2016 will advise you to stay natural, so stop thinking about ironing and damaging your curls. For sure, taking care of long curly hair is not an easy task, but why you never consider wearing short curly hairstyles? They look funky and adorable, they are flirty and sexual, a bit childish, and above all easy to manage and deal with.

Short curly hairstyles

You can forget about straightening your locks and go on looking for the best short haircut, and choice is quite wide: from lob to bob, from strict extra short pixies to asymmetric pixie hairstyles. All you need is to get inspired and visit your hairdresser these days, to obtain the most charming hairstyles for winter 2016.

Ombre short curly hairstyles

Sombre Short curly hairstyles fall 2015

A nice choice is not only having short childish curls, but to accompany them with ombre and sombre highlights. It will make you look more exquisite and fitting the cool weather.

Stylish Short curly hairstyles fall 2015

Jean Marc Maniatis Short curly hairstyles

Audrey Tautou short curly hairstyles

Audrey Tautou short curly hairstyles

The extra short curls from Audrey have become her signature hairstyle, and no matter how much time passes, each time she looks very cute wearing the short crop. Some simple hair accessories can change this casual hairstyle into an elegant one.

Runway short curly hairstyles

Runway Short curly hairstyles

Ciara Short curly hairstyles fall 2015 Vanessa Hudgens Short curly hairstyles

Christina Aguilera curly bob hairstyles

Christina Aguilera Short curly hairstyles

While talking about short curly hairstyles we can’t miss out the Marilyn Monroe look that is so sensual and is still copied by women in each corner of the world. Here is the blonde curly variation by Christina Aguilera that looks very worthy.

Rita Ora blonde curly hairstyles

Rita Ora Short curly hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez curly bob

Jennifer Lopez short curly hairstyles

Though the hairstyles of the past season were mostly meant for long hair, we saw how some celebrities like Beyonce and J Lo have suddenly opted for short bob haircuts. The Jennifer Lopez curly bob was a surprise, yet very nice.

Casual layered short curly hairstyles

Street Style Short curly hairstyles 2015 Fall

Mind that you do not need to make a straight one level hairstyle with your curls. Try layers, that will run to different sides and make you look young an happy. The short layered hairstyles and curly hair make a good couple.