11 Best Valentine’s Day Hairstyles 2017

When the most romantic day in the world is coming forward, we get into panic not knowing what to put on, how to style hair to look fantastic on that special date night. To avoid such situation think over your image beforehand and come to know Valentine's day hairstyles 2017 right now. Actually, there is not much different from the years that have passed away. But this time you are allowed to put some more glam. I mean do not be afraid to put shiny earring, red lipstick and get the vamp look. Romance is not only soft and tender. It can be eye catching also. And romantic hairstyles can vary from simple loose waves to high sumo knots.


This article is devoted to the 11 best hair ideas for the day of love and affection. Though there are some doubts about it, and many consider it the day of friendship and devotion, loving hearts have taken the date o themselves. So get ready for it properly.

#1 Vivacious swept back hair

kendall-jenner-swept-back-valentines-day-hairstyles-2017 gigi-hadid-swept-back-valentines-day-hairstyles-2017

The style that doesn't seem to leave the stage is the wet effect slicked back one. It is not difficult to create and it looks nice.

#2 Bouncy waves hairstyles for Valentine's day


The image of Venus with long blonde tresses and wispy waves is definitely fitting the spirits of the day.

#3 Hollywood waves Valentine's day hairstyles 2017


Jazz up the soft romantic look with some more illumination and make the famous Hollywood aves. Swept to one side and shiny as the jewels.

#4 romantic wavy bob hairstyles


For short hair owners, going wavy if you have straight hair usually, or vice versa will be a  good way to get Valentine's day hairstyles 2017.

#5 exquisite braided updo


Beyond any doubt, braids are the most romantic hair ideas that have ever existed. The side braid ending into a low bun is only one of the options.

#6 messy braided tail


Another one is the messy bed head braid. With a black dress also add a black ribbon to fix the plait. It will look appealing.

#7 loose side French braid for romantic looks


For ladies with long hair there is one simple truth - French braid for any occasion. Don;t make it too tight to make look flirty.

#8 fishtail Mohawk hairstyle


Another braid but far more complicated,. A fishtail that starts with a Mohawk will require a lot of styling skills. However, it results in a quite cute look.

#9 simple high bun


Finally, here are the updos. More exactly, here are the buns.Simple high bun with the coherent accessories will make your look for the day of love.

#10 elegant low buns


If you are invited to some highly fashionable restaurant, then do waste time thinking. A low bin is what you need. But do not make it slick and polished. A bit of mess will add some more passion.

#11 bed head messy buns


At last here is the most casual messy high bun ever. But it looks cute enough to become your Valentines hairstyle.