Trendy Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Vivid hair colors and crazy hair shades, fusion of styles in one, daring and artificial looks - this all was popular the previous seasons. But now going forward to summer 2015 hair colors, we need to know some bare truth: natural looks - this is what hair trends 2015 prompt us to have this year and precisely this summer season. That is why we see every where one tone hair shades. No highlights, no ombre hair colors, but deep one-dimensional colors. Well, the word one dimensional seems to be very dull and not that pleasant defining something as not interesting at all. But now that we speak about hair colors 2015 that is the exact world to describe all modern tendencies in hair colors.

Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Brunettes, with deep dark chocolate hair colors, blondes with caramel shades, and redheads with strawberry tone this is what we will be seeing this summer everywhere. So you still have some time to have a look at the trendy styles and rush to your stylist to get the popular hairstyles, and the below celebrity hairstyles will be your inspiration.

Blonde hair colors for summer 2015

Karlie Kloss Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Blonde hair colors can be of million of shades, but for summer the most stylish look will be caramel blonde hair shade. The sunkissed tone of blonde is the best one for summer days and hot weather. It is like created by the sun itself. And Karlie Kloss knows it well enough.

Diane Kruger Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Bar Rafaeli Hair Colors 2015 Summer Poppy Delevingne Hair Colors 2015 Summer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hair Colors 2015 Summer

But for sure it is not only about the world wide known super model, but about many other stylish celebrities that know fashion good and closely follow the trends. So looking at them, you should directly go to hairstylist and change your ash blonde, rosy blonde and other shades to caramel right away.

Deep brunette hair colors for summer 2015

Kendall Jenner Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Top model Kendal Jenner has recently become very popular. And not only to her popular sister Kim Kardashian, but to herself, her style, her beauty. She has always been brunette and the deep monotonous dark hair color she has now, is to set the trends for summer 2015.

Olivia Munn Hair Colors 2015 Summer Felicity Jones Hair Colors 2015 Summer Anne Hathaway Hair Colors 2015 Summer Katie Holmes Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Not only Kendall knows how to follow the modern tendencies in hair colors. Some other celebrities like Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaway have chosen to have one-color hair this summer. And they are damn right.

Red hair colors for summer 2015

Julia Roberts Hair Colors 2015 Summer

When we say red hair color we at once imagine deep red, purple and other crazy shades. But this summer no crazy tones, only copper red colors and strawberry red. Julia Roberts has been brunette and blonde and deep brown, but this soft copper hair color fits her so much and brightens up her face.

Jessica Chastain Hair Colors 2015 Summer Maggie Grace Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Jessica Chastain and Maggie Grace for this summer have chosen tender copper hair shades. Though Jessica is one of the celebrities know for her signature copper hair color, now she has it softer.

Julianne Moore Copper Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Julianne Moore Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Joulianne is the embodiment of elegance and wisdom, her characters always being calm and smart. And she always wears her red hair colors proudly and never ceases to be feminine. The copper color on her hair now is awesome.

Emma Stone Copper Red Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Emma Stone Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Though this Sunday at Cannes Film Festival 2015 closing ceremony Emma was seen wearing very elegant updo, I must confess that this shaggy bob of hers that made so much fuss around itself last autumn, is really astounding, moreover with her vivid copper hair color it becomes very eye-catching.