Summer 2016 Ice Blonde Hair Colors

If you believe that three is a trend, then here is the hottest summer hair colors trend - bleached blonde hair colors. First it was Taylor Swift who challenged the new look. Though she has always been blonde, but suddenly appearing with barbie blonde shade, was surprising. Then it came to Jennifer Lawrence, that was rocking straw blonde before and now opted for a creamy blonde. Then at Cannes Film Festival Kristen Stewart appeared with shocking bleached blonde hair, instead of her signature reddish brunette hair color. And this can already be called a trend indeed.

platinum blonde summer hair colors 2016

But the last convincing point is still ahead. Emma Stone! Redhead, brunette, and now all of a sudden barbie blonde hair shade. So? There seems no doubt left now, right? Bleached platinum blonde hair colors are the winning trend for this summer 2016.

Taylor Swift barbie blonde summer hair

Taylor Swift platinum blonde hair colors Taylor Swift barbie blonde hair colors Taylor Swift ice blonde hair colors

The first to change for a lighter summer blonde was Taylor. She has always sported blonde hair, but was always between straw and butter blonde. And here she comes forward with barbie blonde. For Vogue cover she posed with this very blonde already.

Jennifer Lawrence trendy blonde hair color

Jennifer Lawrence platinum blonde bob haircut 2016 summer Jennifer Lawrence sleek bob and barbie blonde hair Jennifer Lawrence ice blonde hair at"X-Men Apocalypse" red carpet

Jennifer  was not always a blonde. And when she turned it, she was not for bleached blonde. But here we see her shifting between creamy to ice blonde hair colors. They suit er by the way.

Kristen Stewart ice blonde bob haircut

Kristen Stewart blonde hair colors Kristen Stewart ice blonde bob haircut

Even though at first sight we ere quite shocked to see Kristen at Cannes 2016 with such a platinum blonde hair shade, in reality she manage to create one of the best looks there. Her roots are essentially darker, that created the contrast and still shows off her individuality.

 Celebrity platinum blonde hair colors for summer 2016

Rita Ora platinum blonde lob hairstyle Kim Kardashian ice blonde hair colors Gwen Stefani platinum gold long hair

At different periods different celebrities boosted ice blonde hair, but it was never a mass trend, while now it seems to win armies of women.

Emma Stone epic blonde hair colors 2016 summer

Emma Stone platinum blonde summer hair colors 2016

And here is Emma. In May at Met Gala 2016 she had the most impressive beauty look, with brunette hair color, smart dress and make up. But a week later we spotted her with barbie blonde hair. She now seems to be a twin with Taylor. Some people even cal it a "Taylor Swift effect". Michelle Williams platinum blonde hair and bob haircut Crop cut blonde bob style Summer 2016 platinum blonde hair colors