Celebrity Balayage Hair Colors You Will Adore

What is balayage hair color? Where does it come from? And how has it become so popular? Yes, the questions are many, and the answers are awaiting you right in this article.In the times of complete reign of ombre, we seemed to forget about the full highlights for a while. But now we can turn back and talk about the French highlighting technique, born in 70's in a small hair salon in Paris and hence on reigning the hair coloring planet.

best celebrity balayage hair colors

While ombre is a definite line between two colors, balayage highlights are a soft, barely there transition, not noticeable at first sight. Who is the first to adopt the trends? Top stars and artists. So let's look through celebrity balayage hair colors you will adore.

Balayage for brunette hair

balayage hair colors backview brunette balayage hair colors

dark brown balayage hair

Balayage in direct translation from French means "scanning", in the sense of hair styling means dyeing hair to the full length in highlights that create gradual effect. That is to say we get a color where we do not see the highlights but one whole solid shade, spatial, deep like a 3D. Some may say that balayage is for blonde. Well, it is for brunette and for red and for brown and for all the shades you may know. On brunette and brown hair colors, the espresso and caramel highlights look particularly impressive.

Celebrity brown hair balayage

celebrity brown balayage hair colors Beyonce and J Lo perfect balayge hair colors

For brown shades balayage represent the "hide and seek" game of butter blonde and honey highlights, thus we speak about the chocolate sweet hair colors. Many celebs go for full balayage, but some choose babylights like Miranda Kerr. Look at her picture above - on the face framing front strand is of a but lighter shade, so natural, like her inborn hair color play.

Balayage highlights for blonde hair colors

celebrity bob hairstyles and balayage hair colors

Before heading to blonde, let's stop at bronde hair colors. Being a mixture of shades itself, hairstylist manage to add to bronde barely seen highlights as well, making them look more multi-dimensional and attractive.

long balayage hairstyles models balayage hair highlights

And here is the most favorable tone for full highlighting. Blonde colors are really the best ones for balayage, where your hair stylist can allow himself play with all the million shades of blonde - golden and strawberry, champagne and butter, ice and silver, to get the most unbelievable result. Besides balayage allows to forget about hair dyeing for a while.If your roots start to grow out, you will say it is balayage coloring.