Best Celebrity Red Hair Colors 2016

Red hair colors stand out proudly, while women go on discussing the advantages of being blonde or brunette. Red haired woman is extremely attractive, she is a lady vamp and her vivid color makes her really unique. That is why many celebrity hair colors have turned into different shades of red recently, from the strawberry champagne to the deepest auburn and copper hair tones. Some celebs have sported red shades through all their lives, while the others just follow the hair trends 2016 and change their blonde and brown hair into something more than just a color. If you also want to be on-trend follow down this article to see some red head celebrity pictures.

best celebrity red hair colors 2016

When you make up your mind to go red, stop for a second and think over the shade of red. Depending on your skin tone and base hair color, you should be very attentive to come to a right shade, that will underline your best features, lighten up your face and make you look vivacious and brilliant.

Auburn red hair colors

Drew Barrymore red hair colors 2016 Julianna Moore red hair colors 2016

The deepest and most influential color among all the shades of red is certainly the burgundy and auburn hair tones. They are sufficient, extravagant and provocative that only a very self confident and daring woman can afford wearing the fantastic hair color.

Strawberry red hair colors

Isla Fisher red hair colors 2016

Do not be too fast to obtain copper or auburn colors, if you are a blonde the change can start from the slight strawberry blonde or strawberry champagne hair shades.

Jessica Chastain red hair colors 2016 Margot Robbie red hair colors 2016

They are very soft, barely red, still they show off character but keep you being tender and feminine. The light shade from Margot Robbie can be a good start and a guide for you to change from blonde to a redhead.

Agyness Deyn red hair colors 2016 Amy Adams red hair colors 2016

Ombre red hair

Emma Stone red hair colors 2016

Though seems that red is a solid color and can hardly be messed up with other tones, in reality it is a good base for ombre highlights, showing the slightest transition between shades of red. The most modern version in hair colors 2016 will be the sombre highlighting, with vertical transitional tresses all through the hair length.

Copper hair colors for spring summer 2016

Bryce Dallas Howard red hair colors 2016 Kristen Stewart red hair colors 2016

Deep red hair colors lovers will surely understand the benefits of bright copper shades. This is the color to brighten up your day in any weather, this is the color that will make you look joyful, happy and sexual in any situation, even on bad hair days. Look at Jessica Chastain or Julianne Moore, they are shining, fabulous, creative!

Rihanna orange red hair

Rihanna red hair colors 2016

The chameleon celebrity of our time looks equally unforgettable with any hair color, and this orange tone with dark roots makes no exclusion.