Updo Hairstyles

Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Updos 2014

short hair updos 2014

When it comes to summer and hot weather we start to seek for changes in style and appearance. Not only our clothing becomes lighter and brighter, but hairstyles as well. Summer hairstyles first of all should be easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of us opt for short haircuts for summer days. Short hair can seem monotonous to some, but in reality a bit longer than a pixie will arm you with some styling options including updo hairstyles. Short popular hairstyles will give you a chance to have an easy haircut on one hand, that will turn to an elegant evening hairstyle on a special occasion on the other hand. You may say that it is impossible, but look through this article to find celebrity inspired short hair updos 2014. Celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration on many occasions and as for celebrity hairstyles the latest hair trends 2014 are first of all introduced by them. So here we go! (more…)

Cute And Stylish Updos for Medium Hair

messy french twist updos for medium hair

Medium hair is the most dynamic one. It can be worn loose without any implications, it doesn't require the maintenance long hair do, and it is not unmanageable like short hair can be. Medium hairstyles are good cause they can be worn loose and demonstrate your gorgeous tresses and they can be style into an updo hairstyle that will look not less gorgeous, Certainly some updo hairstyles demand extremely long hair and you can't afford them with medium length, but on the other hand medium hairstyles are very versatile. Let's have a closer look at cute and stylish updos for medium hair. What we can find in here? The most trendy hairstyles for medium hair are buns, they are simple to create and look fantastic. Modern tendencies let you make them messy to create natural hair effect. Besides, knots are also among leaders in this list. (more…)

Modern Tendencies of Elegant Hairstyles 2014

baroque wedding elegant hairstyle

Elegant hairstyles are meant for special events that can happen in your life from time to time. They can also fit office outfit to look very business oriented at work. And even if you like to choose hairstyles each day and prefer no to look planned beforehand, sometimes you just can't avoid occasions on which elegant hairstyles cannot be omitted. They say that elegant updos and downdos can make you look older, or too strict and conservative. Yet this is not true. Let's discuss modern tendencies of elegant hairstyles 2014, and I am sure you will get at once that elegance is no way boring and reserved. Which are the most popular hairstyles to get elegant looks? (more…)

2014 Prettiest Updos For Medium Hair

jessica alba braided updos for medium hair

Medium hairstyles are supposed to be the most functional, that allow you average maintenance and innumerable styles to play with. However sometimes you may face gorgeous hairstyles that appear to look better on long hair length. That is why you need to know what kind of hairstyles you may experiment with on midi hair. Hot weather makes us think more about summer hairstyles and here doubtless updo hairstyles have a leading position saving us from warm tresses in the sun. The trendy¬†hairstyles among updos are top knots, ponytails, and braided styles. And almost all of them are possible on medium hair. 2014 prettiest updos for medium hair will offer you not only casual hairstyles for every day, but some exquisite designs to be worn on special events.¬†Trendy updos for medium hair are: (more…)

Stylish Thematic Bridal Hairstyles 2014

european wedding hairstyles 2014

Wedding organization is a very breathtaking job. You need to pay attention to every single detail. Your dress, his suit, accessories and furniture, all has to be in its place to look harmonious. For bride wedding hairstyle is one of the most important pieces of the image. If something goes wrong with bridal hairstyle, you can't avoid a disaster. Nowadays many couples choose a theme for wedding close to their nature. Here are stylish thematic bridal hairstyles 2014 that I collected from weddings organized in some special atmosphere and surroundings. (more…)

Eye Catching Updos for Black Women

braided mohawk hairstyles for black women

Natural hairstyles for black women are actually numerous and some of them include very simple black updos that you can create even without any special styling skills. Such protective hairstyles will keep the roots away from damaging, will make it easier for you to manage hair and will make you look elegant as well. Braids and twist and pin updo can become pretty updo hairstyles on their own or can be a part of a greater idea. These innovative ideas will vamp up your image and inject it with new breath, don't be afraid just to try one of the eye catching updos for black women I will introduce to you in this article. Here we go! (more…)

Twist Braids

twist braids for black women

Black hairstyles can offer many designs for hair but the top popular are braided hairstyles and twists as well. Twists are simple, they can be worn loose after plaited, or designed in an updo. You can try different hair extensions on twists, from natural hair to dread locks. Black hair type is quite different from the thin hair of Europeans and hairstyles are also somehow specific. Still many women choose changing natural hairstyles because they simply do not know how to deal with the dense hair they are blessed with. This article is about twist braids that look very sexy and many white women will love to be able to wear them. (more…)