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On-Trend Short Black Men Haircuts 2014

short black men haircuts 2014

African American men with the naturally curly hair can afford many hairstyles indeed, but mostly they choose to have short haircuts. And this is quite reasonable, cause among mens hairstyles short cuts are the easiest to maintain. They require almost no care and if you are living an active and sporty life then short haircuts for black men are meant for you. You can show off your perfect facial features by choosing short crops that are considered the most trendy hairstyles. Or you can try to have short 'fros with a bit longer hair on the crown area and a fade cut on the sides to show off not only handsome face lines but dense and healthy hair texture. Lets see the pictures of hairstyles I am talking about and get convinced that on-trend short black men haircuts 2014 introduce very manly hairstyles that look super sexy and hot. (more…)

2014 Inventive Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

balotelli mohawk hairstyles 2014

Mohawk hairstyles are believed to be chosen by those who tend to look different. Black guys leave behind saucy fade haircuts and go for Mohawk when they want to look manly and tough. Though traditional Mohawk with totally shaved sides is not that popular nowadays, hairstyles 2014 introduce other popular hairstyles - fauxhawk, with crop cut sides, braided sides, or patterned sides that can look really cool and out of crowd. Mohawk hairstyles are meant for sporty guys and real machos. And if you consider yourself such you definitely should try your own personalized Mohawk hairstyle to speak you individuality. I have collected some picture of 2014 inventive Mohawk hairstyles for black men in this article and I hope it will inject you with some imagination to go for your stylish Mohawk. (more…)

Brazil World Cup 2014 Trendsetting Hairstyles

Brazil World Cup 2014 Hairstyles

World Cup 2014 in Brazil is not only an incredibly important event in sports but also a fashion event somehow. The teams have brand managers that design their uniform and all appearance. It is not only a vivacious contest of athleticism, strength and talent, passion and true devotion, it is also a competition of trendy hairstyles from all over the world, from nationalities and cultures that bring their own word into fashion world. Yes! During World cup 2014 many athletes have introduced us Brazil World Cup 2014 trendsetting hairstyles, that started from the popular dreadlocks and fauxhawks, and also represented dyed hairstyles and Mohawks. Mens hairstyles become enriched with new designs due to the matches of World cup and men all over the world are fed with new great ideas for popular hairstyles. Let's see the pictures now. (more…)

2014 Saucy Fade Haircuts for Black Men

fade black men haircuts

Fade haircuts are introduced by gradual tapering of hair length from sides and back upwards. To design a true skillfull fade, you need to find a professional hair stylist, cause it is not an easy job, but the result is astounding. Fade haircuts look like real mens hairstyles and they can be of various design depending on the length of the crown area. That is why each time you choose a new length for your short haircut, people come to thing you have a new stylish fade haircut. To tell the truth black men are the ones who are to have fade haircuts, cause the face and scalp shape are very fitting. And now let me show you 2014 saucy fade haircuts for black men to prove that they are really very impressive. (more…)

Outlandish Long Black Men Hairstyles 2014

braided hairstyles for black men

If you are blessed with naturally health hair, you are free to grow gorgeous tresses and boost greatest variety of styles. And I am not about ladies! Hairstyles for black men are many and to any taste. If you do not want to stand in a row of common guys with common haircuts, look through this article introducing outlandish long black men hairstyles 2014. When we talk about long hairstyles for African American me we imagine the most popular hairstyles: braids. But It is not only about braids. (more…)

Braided Hairstyles for Men

mens braids hair

Nowadays mens hairstyles are as versatile as the ones for women. Some of then are casual and we are used to seeing them the others on the contrary draw attention at once. Just like Mohawk hairstyles, braided hairstyles for men also catch our attention. When we see a man with braids I am sure all of us ladies will turn to look at hi again. For some braided hairstyles for men is a means to get in the center of women attention, for the others it's just an easy way to keep hair neat and nice. (more…)

Long Hairstyles for Men

naturally curly hairstyles for men

Thick strong and glossy hair means that a person is healthy, and this is not only about women but about men as well. Dear strong part of humanity don't hide your hair if it is worth showing. Long hairstyles for men can be very nice and manly and sexy above all. And besides many of them are easy to style. So let's see some examples to make sure that it really looks hot.

For men hairstyles the first thing to be taken into account is low maintenance. Actually we can even say that hairstyles for men should require no styling at all. Best hairstyles are those that fit natural hair type and texture and for men that is crucial point. Long men hairstyles need attention and care, they should be washed frequently and dried appropriately. (more…)