Layered Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles To Wear In Summer 2015

When we speak about vintage looks and 1920's or 1940's or 1960's what comes to mind in first place are the gorgeous hairstyles that had their unique impact on fashion trends of modern time. During these decades many things have happened in history, like landing on the Moon, but what fascinates women most are the vintage hairstyles of soft big waves, or 60's pixie haircuts and straight geometric shapes. Modern retro hairstyles to be popular in summer 2015 have all the things from their vintage antecedents but for sure the modern touches have updated them to look better and more stylish.

Retro Hairstyles 2015

In our present day life we have many things coming back from the past time, and like the new fashionable bug-eyed sunglasses, we have in the mainstream the popular hairstyles of retro style with pins and bob haircuts, with long waves and extra short bangs. This article will show you the comparison of celebrity retro hairstyles and their newer version that are trendy in 2015 and you should hurry to copy them before they become history once again. (more…)

Showy Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2015

Owners of long hair must know that they can look gorgeous and also they can look awful. Why? Long hairstyles require colossal efforts and time and investments. To look fantastic with longer tresses you do not only need to have it by nature, but also must be ready to invest yourself in your hair. And it is worthy all the efforts i must say. Hair trends 2015 stand for long hair and following the tendencies many women started growing out hair last year. The main source for looking flattening are the celebrity hairstyles. We have seen many updo styles starting from easy buns and ponytails and ending with complicated braids hairstyles, but right away I will introduce you the collection with showy loose long hairstyles for summer 2015.

Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyles 2015

What is the secret of having the fancy many of Angelina Jolie? The perfect proportion of length, color and texture. Some lazy waves combined with brown hair color that seems to have some subtle highlights, make the long hair look glossy and glamorous. Let's see some other celebrity popular hairstyles and get ready to spent a lot of hours and money to have the healthy tresses. (more…)

Charming Thin Hair Long Hairstyles 2015

Long hairstyles are adorning any woman making her look feminine and divine. Many celebrities choose hairstyles that can hide the imperfectness of their hair and boost their volume and thickness. For ladies with thin hair it can be difficult to find some popular hairstyles that will be modern and at the same time easy and cute. Hair trends 2015 offer us natural hairstyles, but it doesn't mean that you cant add volume to your natural thin hair and as a result have gorgeous tresses.

Blake Lively Long Hairstyles 2015 Dianna Agron Long Hairstyles 2015

You can make your thin hair look thicker both when loose and when tied in an updo hairstyle. Making waves and curls is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about adding volume. Curly hairstyles look admiring and very womanly. And as I said you can make an updo and comb hair back adding volume. By the way for spring 2015 hairstyles dark roots and light ends make a contrasting look that gives the illusion of much volume. (more…)

Pretty Haircuts for Winter 2015

winter haircuts 2015

With the weather change so drastic you can also choose some dramatic change in your style and here your inspiration will be the pretty haircuts for winter 2015.

We have talked a lot about spring and summer 2015 hair trends, but with the coming of winter we can't miss out this season and trying something extraordinary and brand new for Christmas looks. Hair trends 2015 have already spread their influence on winter 2014-2015 styles and designs so we are again talking about staying natural. But if for SS15 season the fashion tendencies advice to grow out your tresses, for winter you can still look very trendy with bob haircuts, lob hairstyles, layered medium hairstyles and finally, yes!, long hairstyles, slightly wavy, or sleek and straight that is more trendy. So let's have a look at popular hairstyles pictures to get the understanding of the winter trends and then go to the hairstylist directly with the best celebrity hairstyle to try on. (more…)

Exceptional Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2014

exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014

Medium hairstyles scan be considered the most common styles first of all because of their functionality and versatility. Medium hair length allows with less efforts to maintain hair in good condition without too much care and allows to create many trendy hairstyles. These can be not only loose bob hairstyles that are very popular by the way, due to new messy touch that creates stylish  bedhead effect, but also updos for medium hair, introducing braided hairstyles, top knots and famous ponytails. When it comes to thin hair, I should mention that medium hair length is perfect for fine hair, as it allows creating more volume with the help of layers. Medium layered hairstyles have their unique niche among thin hair hairstyles, cause layers create magic and you come to find your hair look thick, healthy and quite voluminous. Here I will show some of the best hairstyles pictures representing exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014 and I am sure you will find inspiration among them. (more…)

Sensuous Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

sensous long hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles for round faces once ended up strictly with a few straight hair design. Well, nowadays your choice is much wider. But you should keep in mind two things: long hairstyles for round faces shouldn't be very voluminous and avoid symmetry everywhere. So very tight and very loose curls will visually make your face look fatter, while medium size curls especially designed asymmetrically will elongate face shape. As for symmetry forget about center parting. Always choose side parting, and on the whole any asymmetrical haircut will fit round faces. For example, you can have long bob haircut and on one side pull hair behind ear and on the other leave hair loose to cascade down your cheek. Or have layered hairstyles with layers of different length on both sides that will distract attention from fat face. So solutions are quite many and here are some of sensuous long hairstyles for round faces that you can copy easily. (more…)

Outstanding Short Shag Hairtsyles

short shag bob hairstyles

Nowadays layered hairstyles are in the mainstream, you can hardly find one length hairstyles and besides they are not trendy any longer. Shag haircut will make you look younger and positive, will inject rebel spirits and make you feel daring. Short shag haircut can fit straight and curly hair equally, so you do not need to think over it. The best thing about shag is that it is easy to maintain and to style. Shag haircut can hide the imperfections of hair type, but note that smartly cut shag can be that good. Only hair pro can create outstanding short shag hairstyles that will accentuate your character and lifestyle. I have collected some pretty examples here, let's go!? (more…)