Hairstyles 2015

Scary & Creative Halloween Hairstyles

You can hardly find another day in the whole calendar year when you can feel a child again, so careless and happy, in ridiculous and frightening costumes and make up. This is the Halloween day for sure. The only day when you can forget about being yourself and choose another character to rock the whole night. This is the night when you buy infinite amount of candies to play trick-or-treaters and you leave behind your diet and care for healthy teeth and go on eating candies and enjoying the party.

best halloween hairstyles 2015

For the ones who are active enough and daring enough to become a part of a national celebration of Halloween night, I would like to introduce some Halloween hairstyles that will draw all eyes on you. Some are a bit modest, and will fit vivid costumes, the other Halloween hairstyles are simply astounding, and speak for themselves. And here we go to see and get inspired by the best hairstyles for the most outrageous Halloween party. You will find in this article kids hairstyles and also hairstyles for grown-ups. But actually on this special day all can be mixed. (more…)

Sensual Retro Hairstyles for Fall 2015

Which is the best option to open up you femininity and sexuality? The answer is vintage look for sure. Red lipstick, definite eyeliner and the incredible retro hairstyles will convert you into a real lady vamp. Nothing can be more sensual than this, and you should be very daring and confident to try vintage hairstyles for fall 2015. Victorian rolls and finger waves, bouncy curls and bouffant updos are the hairstyles that will change your image forever. And wherever you go with this outfit you will shine on and conquer the world. Though hairstyles 2015 are more about relaxed looks, it doesn't mean that retro looks are out of fashion. They are always in, and always will be!

Sensual Retro Hairstyles Fall 2015

Depending on your hair length you can try different types of vintage styles, there are pretty pixie haircuts styled with finger waves, or blonde bob hairstyles a bit wavy, and there can be popular long hairstyles in huge waves, so attractive and gentle. Let's see the hairstyles photos now and glam up a bit! (more…)

72nd Venice Film Festival 2015 Hairstyles

The Venice Film Festival is the vent that boosts elegance and avoids the extreme glamour and vivid colors. This time the opening ceremony of 72nd Festival stands out by conservative looks. Whta is very common for Oscars Academy Awards and othe events that take place in Hollywod, or even the ceremonies in France are full of models from all over the wirld and transparent gowns. But The Venice Fetsival is a respectful ceremony, where you see not only celebrities but the representatives of honourable families that attend it for ages, from generation to generation. Venice Film Festival is the embodiment of harmony and sobriety. The conservative looks are not only about the dresses but about celebrity hairstyles as well.

72nd Venice Film Festival 2015 Hairstyles

The main hair trends 2015 filled the atmosphere and the world wide known celebrities appeared wearing simple updo hairstyles, loose waves and no complicated designs. So let's have a look at the image of elegance representing the popular hairstyles 2015. (more…)

Best Celebrity Hairstyles from VMAs 2015

The VMA Awards are always sure to surprise us and inspire with incomparable beauty looks for the whole year. For sure, the fashion weeks prompt us the trends and tendencies, but the celebrities are the bones that become the embodiment of style and fashion and make us follow them. This year´s VMA was full of contradicting looks, from funky Miley Cyrus to the most elegant appearance of Kim Kardashian. Anyways, we are going to discuss all of them and mostly their VMAs 2015 celebrity hairstyles that will inspire you for this fall 2015.

Celebrity Hairstyles VMAs 2015

If we look quickly through the celebrity looks we will see that the main tendency remains unchanged - long hairstyles and natural looks. This is for hairstyles, as for make up, Lady Gaga shocked everybody with her face paintings, and Katy Perry with her strange teeth. But we are here for popular hairstyles ideas! (more…)

Top Trendy Updo Hairstyles 2015

Each woman should have in her hairstyles set some unbelievable updo hairstyles. This is a must, cause weddings, proms, cocktails, and many other events can't go along wiothout effective fantastic looks that are mostly due to updos. Besides sometimes even on a regular day you may want to look special and glaring, and this can't be by just pulling hair into a common ponytail. You will need some best and trendy updo hairstyles 2015 for that. For sure the main condition for creating such an updo is having long hair. And you should have learnt it long before when hair trends 2015 openly stated that long hairstyles are the tendency.

Updo Hairstyles 2015

So if you already have grown out your tresses, or you are thinking about shopping off a bit, stop for a second to have a look at magnificent updo hairstyles for any occasion, it's time to come out of shade and blind everyone with your shiny looks. (more…)

Stylish Short Haircuts for Black Women

The signature hairstyles for black women are their protective styles for sure. Long curly hair with the texture that only black hair has, is really extremely hard to manage. So box braids, Senegalese twists are the most popular hairstyles among African American women. Yet they can become boring one day and you will want to make a complete drastic change towards short haircuts for black women. Yes, there is something magnetic in having short hair. A woman wearing short hairstyles is daring and self-confident, such hairstyles are not only stylish, but they will save you endless hours of wasting time on fighting with your natural curls. For sure hair trends 2015 sport long hairstyles, but the truth is that short haircuts will never go out of fashion.

Short Haircuts for Black women 2015

Besides easiness in daily care, short hairstyles for black women will allow you to play with curls, leaving them curly or straight each day. And no less importantly, you can play with colors. Short hair is easy to color and then change again. So why not to try right now? Some short haircuts pictures are very inspiring. (more…)

Modern & Classy French Braids Hairstyles

Hair trends 2015 have been guiding us through the world of fashion and insisting on having long hairstyles over and over again,. And if you were smart enough to start growing out hair long before, I am sure that now you already have the desired length tresses and can easily recreate the most amazing classy French braids hairstyles that are so hot right now. Actually French braids never went out of fashion. All the time we see them here and there, and they just live another evolution every time. Classy French braids are really nice and elegant, but the trends have brought out Ducth braids and fishtail that are all plaited on the basis of classy braid we really love.

French Braids Hairstyles Fall 2015

And then stylist started to experiment to get the mos popular hairstyles, side braids, braided strands, crown braids and many more, that now desce3nded from red carpets directly into crowd, and I must say that in crowd they have become even more inventive. Let's have a look! (more…)