Hairstyles 2014

Amazingly Stylish A-Line Bob Hairstyles 2014

kylie minogue curly stacked bob

Bob haircuts are the most popular hairstyles that survive decades and are sure to be in fashion tomorrow. Many women come to choose stacked bob nowadays or the so called inverted bob, because it gives volume and space for experimenting with layers, texture, hair color and mostly hair highlights. A-line bob is fitting almost any hair texture and facial features. So the thing is to choose between amazingly stylish A-line bob hairstyles 2014. Here are the most dazzling hairstyles pictures for you to decide what kind of look you need: classy and elegant with neat straight A-line bob, or more playful with curly inverted bob.What are the benefits of A-line bob? (more…)

Pretty Summer Braid Hairstyles 2014

mohawk braid hairstyles 2014

Braids are the trendy hairstyles of all times. You van have them styled any way you may imagine for any occasion and for any season. We are very changeable, ladies, and hair trends 2014 rush forward to introduce us new designs each time. Hair accessories and new twists, hair colors and highlights catch our attention at once. We are very quick to opt for all the new tendencies and sometimes the fashion brings out the most incredible thing, like colorful feathers for hair some years before. Thanks goodness, modern hair trends suggest pretty summer braid hairstyles 2014 that introduce all natural hairstyles where braids are soft and easy-to-do. (more…)

2014 Creative Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

curly hairstyles for black men 2014

Accentuating your best natural features, will make you look much better than any artificial style. Naturally curly hairstyles stop being hard and boring and stressful once you find a way to style them properly. Natural hairstyles for black men involve curly hairstyles of different length that can really look cool and be no problem. You just need to know some simple styling tricks. If you have a short crop haircut, make a stylish 'fro that will accentuate natural hair texture. If you have a very short haircut, just let hair grow a bit and ask your hairdresser to give definite line of hair growth and you will be able to enjoy natural coils you have. Actually mens hairstyles are quite versatile and here I have collected some of 2014 creative curly hairstyles for black men. Look, admire and see that not only braided hairstyles and short fade haircuts look funky and cool. (more…)

Impeccable Hairstyles for Square Faces 2014

Sandra Bullock hairstyles for square faces 2014

Fashion and beauty standards are variable. Once people adored thin and skinny body shapes while now Asian standards are more popular. The same happens with hairstyles. Time changes and beauty features as well. For men square faces are a sign of boldness, strength and character and they do not need to choose special hairstyles for square faces, while for women the same features should be softened like we see in the most popular celebrity hairstyles. And here we can call on trendy hairstyles aimed at shaping your face, boosting the best features and hiding some imperfections. Impeccable hairstyles for square faces 2014 create proportional faces very easily with the help of awesome layering techniques and bangs styles. Yet there are certain things you should avoid if you have strong angular face shape:


2014 Prettiest Updos For Medium Hair

jessica alba braided updos for medium hair

Medium hairstyles are supposed to be the most functional, that allow you average maintenance and innumerable styles to play with. However sometimes you may face gorgeous hairstyles that appear to look better on long hair length. That is why you need to know what kind of hairstyles you may experiment with on midi hair. Hot weather makes us think more about summer hairstyles and here doubtless updo hairstyles have a leading position saving us from warm tresses in the sun. The trendy hairstyles among updos are top knots, ponytails, and braided styles. And almost all of them are possible on medium hair. 2014 prettiest updos for medium hair will offer you not only casual hairstyles for every day, but some exquisite designs to be worn on special events. Trendy updos for medium hair are: (more…)

The Most Striking Haircuts For Black Men 2014

Mohawk for black men

Hairstyles for black men introduce a vast variety of possibilities cause styles can be designed on any hair length: short, medium and long. For sure the most popular hairstyles for sporty guys and machos are short haircuts, sometimes medium because they look very stylish and sexy, and above all they are very easy to maintain. And anyways there appear guys who love long hairstyles and experiment with naturally curly hair texture and braided hairstyles. Mens hairstyles for black guys of teen age are represented by Mohawk styles with creative patterned sides and braided sides. So the choice of black hairstyles is quite wide and that is why I have collected here the most striking haircuts for black men 2014 to show you the trends and tendencies of the current seasons. Here we go. (more…)

2014 Terrific Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

box braids updo hairstyles for black women 2014

Braided hairstyles are the perfect way to forget for a certain period of time about hair problems. This mostly concern African American women. Natural hairstyles for black women introduce many braided hairstyles just for one reason: braids protect hair from the harmful influence and are easy to maintain. Actually they say that braids appeared in 2000's b.c. and the fact that we have them now speaks loudly. Braided popular hairstyles are a mere space for creativity, cause here you can experiment not only with braiding techniques, but paly with highlights, hair colors and hair extensions to get awsome designs, Here I'd like to represent 2014 terrific braided hairstyles for black women. Black hair boosts natural thickness and seems to be meant for braids, so do not waste your time. (more…)