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Modern Sensitive Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles 2014

Marilyn Monroe hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe is a beauty icon of all times. Women all over the world recreated her image for decades and even now her old photos look in the mainstream. Her hairstyle is a separate story. Based on a classy bob hairstyle, but accentuated with incredible blonde hair color, and the unbelievable curls made it an iconic hairstyle of the times. Many popular hairstyles chosen by celebrities introduce the same magical Marilyn Monroe blonde curls, that are elegant and sensual. Modern sensitive Marilyn Monroe hairstyles 2014 are the ones that usually have middle length varying from chin length to shoulder length. These trendy hairstyles can be designed not only with rollers as the well-known classy bob of the celebrity, but also with fringes and a bit wavy even sleek. (more…)

Simply Fantastic Braids Summer Hairstyles 2014

braids summer hairstyles 2014

Vacations, sun and beach - all about summer. The time when we need to relax and forget about the troubles. But hair can be a trouble indeed. No lady will like spending some two hours on managing hair each morning when away on holidays. Doing hair instead of enjoying the sea, going out with friends and trips here and there? Nonsense! For summer there is a line of popular hairstyles that are creative, cute and most importantly easy. Here come braided hairstyles that are the best choice for ladies with medium and long hair. In hot summer days some braiding techniques will help you avoid hours in front of the mirror, yet will allow you to look incredibly summer. You may think that braids are difficult to design, yet you are wrong! Simple French braids are very easy and versatile at the same time. Here are some ideas for simply fantastic braids summer hairstyles 2014, that (more…)

Flattening Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2014

celebrity long hairstyles 2014
Long hairstyles may look alike at first sight. But in reality it is not that simple. For different hair texture you need different careful choice of long haircuts. It is a responsible action, for sure with short and medium hair you must be even more attentive, and with long hair if the haircut doesn't suit you you can go for shorter layers. Yet why not to boost long gorgeous locks? For thick hair medium and long layers spread all over hair will be very good, cause they will remove bulkiness and add life. While with thin hair, make layers on front part and leave the rest of hair straight without layers, well some light layers will do as well. The best inspiration for you will be the below selection of flattening celebrity long hairstyles 2014 that will introduce to you the most trendy hairstyles for long hair of the current seasons. (more…)

Frizzy Hair Summer Hairstyles 2014

frizzy hair summer hairstyles 2014

When it comes to summer, ladies, you have to agree that careless styles and Nude make up is what we seek for. We need clothes that are light, hairstyles that are easy, make up that doesn't need time. For many of us it is the easiest thing, to do nothing and look quite cute cause it's summer, while for others it may result harder. Why? Because frizzy hair! We can spent time on managing the curls, but go out in hot weather and incredible humidity, mostly near sea, and that's enough to spoil our summer hairstyles in an instance. Still there are ways to fight frizzy hair problems. Additional moisturizing means may help, but it's not only about means but the exact summer hairstyles you come to choose. Here you can find frizzy hair summer hairstyles 2014 that will make it much easier for you to fight the problems in summer. (more…)

Lovely Vacation Summer Hairstyles 2014

summer-hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time for vacations. After the whole year spent at wok or at college we need a good rest. We plan our trips thoroughly not to miss any single detail and make sure that the journey will be a real fun without unexpected happenings. Among all the stuff we thunk beforehand, I must say that the choice of summer hairstyles is quite significant. On the road to the sea we need to take the most of the fun, instead of thinking of creating cute hairstyles, washing hair and spending hours on styling. Forget about big city popular hairstyles and for summer choose the most comfortable and easy-to-do hair designs that will allow you to enjoy the vacations to the full. Here is a collection of lovely vacation summer hairstyles 2014, that will make the choice of hairstyle for you much easier, I hope. (more…)

Smashing Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyles 2014


Bangs are a significant detail in your image. They are not just a part of hairstyle, but they are meant to shape your face and introduce it in the best possible way. With bangs you can correct round or square face shape, put accent on lips or eyes. Hairstyles with bangs are the best decision when you get tired of your hair but can't dare to cut it off. Recently catwalk shows have become full of hairstyles with side bangs. Indeed, they are so versatile. Long side-swept bangs can be styled into a wave, or left very straight. Side bangs can be designed even into braided bangs and look simply flattering. This collection of smashing side-swept bangs hairstyles 2014 will inspire you to go straightly to hair stylist and inquire for side bangs right away. (more…)

Modern Tendencies of Elegant Hairstyles 2014

baroque wedding elegant hairstyle

Elegant hairstyles are meant for special events that can happen in your life from time to time. They can also fit office outfit to look very business oriented at work. And even if you like to choose hairstyles each day and prefer no to look planned beforehand, sometimes you just can't avoid occasions on which elegant hairstyles cannot be omitted. They say that elegant updos and downdos can make you look older, or too strict and conservative. Yet this is not true. Let's discuss modern tendencies of elegant hairstyles 2014, and I am sure you will get at once that elegance is no way boring and reserved. Which are the most popular hairstyles to get elegant looks? (more…)