Hairstyles 2014

Pretty Summer Short Hairstyles 2014

pretty summer short hairstyles 2014

The worlds spins around with such a speed nowadays, that we need to keep up with things, without wasting time on meaningless things, like hours spent on hair styling. This is mostly about summer hairstyles, cause it is the time for vacations when we need to enjoy each single moment. So here come short haircuts for girls that can be really cool and easy. You may say that short hair is all monotonous and no styling options, but I will argue. The below selection of pretty summer short hairstyles 2014 will prove you that the greatest variety of short haircuts from pixies to bob haircuts, styled sleek and wavy, polished and tousled, will arm you with the widest choice of variants for summer days. Still you need to know what are the short hair trends 2014? How to decide which bob variation will be in the mainstream among the popular hairstyles? Or is pixie really that popular? Here are some tips for you: (more…)

Dazzling Fishtail Braids Hairstyles 2014

dazzling fishtail braids hairstyles 2014

We, ladies, always look for gorgeous hairstyles. And yet we want them to be both stunning and easy to do. Sometimes these two things are simply incompatible and to get amazing sophisticated hairstyles you should go to a hair pro stylist. And there are cases when creating popular hairstyles to look fantastic you just need to have some styling skills yourself. This is about fishtail braids hairstyles. They have unique ability to adopt your hair type and structure and look special. You can style these braided hairstyles messy and polished, create complicated updo hairstyles or loose braids, design a braided bang or headband. Be sure fishtails will be there for any event. To get convinced lets see dazzling fishtail braids hairstyles 2014 going through this article. To style a proper fishtail you need to know some tricks: (more…)

Trendsetting Long Hairstyles 2014

trendsetting long hairstyles 2014

Long hairstyles are a dream for many ladies. For sure they need special care and with long tresses you will need to devote time and effort to keep them in good and healthy condition. But what you will get back is worthy your efforts. Gorgeous long hair will arm you with zillion of hairstyles to rock each season of 2014. Any updos and downdos, loose and tight, wavy and sleek, braided neatly or left messy, all will be possible for you. Besides hair trends 2014 prompt us that popular hairstyles of the current seasons are the ones created on long hair. So take some patience, grow out your hair a bit and you will be able to forget about sticking yo one haircut, and will go on experimenting with trendsetting long hairstyles 2014. The below hairstyles pictures will introduce the best long hairstyles from celebrities and red carpet events. (more…)

Astounding Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2014

astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014

Short haircuts at first sight are the ones that require little care and look fantastic. This is one opinion. The others will say that short haircuts are all alike and you can never have different hairstyles with short hair. Many women will choose long popular hairstyles just because they are versatile. In their opinion. In reality short hair will arm you uncountable new summer hairstyles that look very stylish and on trend. The thing is to dare to go for short haircuts. Ladies are often simply afraid to cut off long tresses. But look here! Celebrity hairstyles are the best way to see what are the trends, what are the short hair possibilities. And once you discover astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014, I am sure you will love at least some of them and dare to try. (more…)

Summer Wedding Hairstyles & Bridal Hair Accessories 2014

wedding hairstyles and bridal hair accessories for summer 2014

Ladies, we all know that hairstyles we wear now are different from the ones we had in winter. Popular hairstyles vary from season to season and to keep on trend we closely follow the tendencies. Well, not only the hair trends is the matter but women have nature seeking for changes and adventures all the time. I am talking not only about daily casual hairstyles, but also the ones meant for special events such as wedding. Yes! Wedding day is the most significant in a woman's life. All has to be in its place, accurate, smart and magnificent. Wedding hairstyles are a big part of the fuss. As far as we are living through summer, I'd like to talk about summer wedding hairstyles and bridal¬† hair accessories 2014 that will fit hot weather in particular. (more…)

Glamorous Summer Jewel Hair Accessories 2014

wedding jewel hair accessories 2014

Hair accessories is a smart way to underline your individuality and convert the most simple hairstyle into a piece of art. Hair accessories can be of different types that come to design the most popular hairstyles: head scarves, headbands, colourful ribbons, hair clips and brooches and for sure jewel hair accessories. There was time that grown-ups never wore shiny things to adorn hair, but nowadays this tendency is quite wide-spread. Jewel hair accessories perfectly fit formal hairstyles like wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles and any other meant for special events. But besides they are very harmonious with summer hairstyles, that are relaxed and easy and some bright detail inspires them with modest charm and chic suitable for every day life. Here are some examples of glamorous summer jewel hair accessories 2014 to inject you with new ideas for summer looks. (more…)

Ultra Hot Blonde Hair Color Solutions for Summer 2014

ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014

Blonde hair color is the one that attracts most attention.For men a woman with blonde hair is embodiment of femininity and an image of good mother that is considered to be genetic memory. Blonde hair color nowadays creates the most trendy hairstyles of the season it is very versatile. And not only naturally blondes can choose blonde hues, but redheads, browns and brunettes as well. You can become a total blonde, or choose having blonde highlights. From cold platinum blonde to the warmest honey blonde hair colors - all are popular summer hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles are also now full of blonde hair ideas, so it's time for you to look through ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014 and go for a change! (more…)