Hairstyles 2014

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles Tendencies

2014 Fall - Winter 2015 hairstyles tendencies

Now that autumn is in here already, we should go straightly to 2014 fall / winter 2014 hairstyles tendencies to find out what's new there. The fashion shows have recently  introduced us incredible designs with inventive color solutions and hairstyles mixture. I this article I have gathered the most fantastic hairdos that will inspire you to go for changes this season. Some of them are daring while the rest boost with natural designs and style. You will see braided hairstyles tendencies, sleeked back hairstyles and ponytails, voluminous hairstyles and simple straight hairstyles, bob hairstyles and wet effect hairstyles. As in other seasons, this time try to stay natural, as hair trends 2014 prompt us and lead to the next 2015 hair trends. Now in details about popular hairstyles, ladies. Here we go! (more…)

Fancy Ombre Back To School Hairstyles 2014

ombre back to school hairstyles 2014

September is coming and a new outfit is the desire for many schoolgirls. Still there is some time left to get your wardrobe upgraded and choose among the coolest teen hairstyles to surprise friends at school and catch attention of everybody around. Back to school hairstyles are nowadays rather versatile and there are countless ways to style hair and look awesome. But besides hairstyles ideas you should think of hair color as well. Hair trends 2014 brought forward a deep tendency to ombre highlights. For teen girls ombre hair color works perfect. You can have traditional ombre with natural hair base, like brown hair color with caramel highlights is amazing. You can have reverse ombre to look cooler, and you can try bold hair colors for fun. It's not necessary to die hair, you can have ombre hair extensions. Here are some fancy ombre back to school hairstyles 2014 that you may like.  (more…)

Kids Natural Back To School Hairstyles 2014

2014 back to school hairstyles for black girls

Only some two weeks are left before the new school year. And I can imagine that some of us are in panic what to do with naturally curly hairstyles of our kids. Natural hairstyles for black women include many styles based on twists and braids that protect natural hair from surrounding pollution and influence of chemicals, besides making our curly life much easier. The same refers to kids hairstyles. But you may be at a loss not knowing what to choose appropriate to the your kid's age. In this article you will find kids natural back to school hairstyles 2014 that will fit any age group. You can play with colorful accessories to make the popular hairstyles look more or less serious. Many of the protective kids hairstyles represent a mixture of two style: braids and twist, or braids and loose ends, or twists and ponytails. Here they are: (more…)

2014 Fall Hairstyles Trends

Trendy fall hairstyles 2014

Fall is almost in here, and though we still can enjoy the last warm days it's time to think about 2014 fall hairstyles trends, just to be the first to know and follow the fashion. Fall hairstyles 2014 are about short haircuts mostly, that can vary from long bob hairstyles that are called lob as well and short bob haircuts, ending with pixie hairstyles. The good thing about autumn 2014 hairstyles is that you can create your own inventive style by mixing Mohawk hairstyles and pixies for instance, and choosing between crop cut, shaved or braided sides. You can decide all on your own thus making yourself appear unique in the coming season. Fall 2014 hairstyles are full of curious coloristic solutions and bold hair colors seem to come back now.You can also create marvelous ombre hair color solution through your short tresses to get warm shades of caramel and chocolate hues. For many of us going short can be hard, but the trendy hairstyles pictures below will prove that this fall 2014 hairstyles are short and vivid full of energy and style. Maybe it's time to make a change and follow 2014 fall hairstyles trends? (more…)

Cute Back To School Hairstyles 2014

head scarf back to school hairstyles 2014

When summer comes to end, we know that school comes to start. Among all the things that you may feel and think about the forth coming school year, girls, I am sure that fashion holds it's own niche in the listing. With the new school year we want to look brand new as well, a bit grown up, still a bit summer... So we come to a new wardrobe, new make up and for sure w seek for new hairstyles. Teen hairstyles nowadays introduce zillion of styles and options for you to choose, from relaxed loose styles, to polished ponytails, from long gorgeous tresses to short daring pixies, from natural hair color to most incredible color solutions. Mind that you don't need to dye you hair to get the trendy hairstyles, you can have clip-ins to your hair, or you can have semi-permanent hair dyes. Anyways, if you are not that brave to choose a bold eye-catching hair color, try hair accessories for your cute back to school hairstyles 2014 - headbands, scarves and clips will make you look amazing each single school day. Now enough words, girls, let's see back to school hairstyles now! (more…)

Exceptional Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2014

exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014

Medium hairstyles scan be considered the most common styles first of all because of their functionality and versatility. Medium hair length allows with less efforts to maintain hair in good condition without too much care and allows to create many trendy hairstyles. These can be not only loose bob hairstyles that are very popular by the way, due to new messy touch that creates stylish  bedhead effect, but also updos for medium hair, introducing braided hairstyles, top knots and famous ponytails. When it comes to thin hair, I should mention that medium hair length is perfect for fine hair, as it allows creating more volume with the help of layers. Medium layered hairstyles have their unique niche among thin hair hairstyles, cause layers create magic and you come to find your hair look thick, healthy and quite voluminous. Here I will show some of the best hairstyles pictures representing exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014 and I am sure you will find inspiration among them. (more…)

Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Updos 2014

short hair updos 2014

When it comes to summer and hot weather we start to seek for changes in style and appearance. Not only our clothing becomes lighter and brighter, but hairstyles as well. Summer hairstyles first of all should be easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of us opt for short haircuts for summer days. Short hair can seem monotonous to some, but in reality a bit longer than a pixie will arm you with some styling options including updo hairstyles. Short popular hairstyles will give you a chance to have an easy haircut on one hand, that will turn to an elegant evening hairstyle on a special occasion on the other hand. You may say that it is impossible, but look through this article to find celebrity inspired short hair updos 2014. Celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration on many occasions and as for celebrity hairstyles the latest hair trends 2014 are first of all introduced by them. So here we go! (more…)