Hairstyles 2014

Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends For African American Women

fall 2014 golden hair color trends for African American women

Fall 2014 hair color trends for African American women suggest trying any hair colors and highlights, from subtle ombre highlights, to bold burgundy hair colors, just check out the ideas here.

Among the most trendy hairstyles are the ones with blonde hair color. It may be surprising but among celebrities you van see many stars with perfect blonde color, all you need to do is to find the shade that suits you most, from platinum blonde to dark blonde hair colors. Mind that blonde hair color for fall 2014 season work best with extra short haircuts. You can go rather bold with fantastic maroon and red hair colors. Natural hairstyles for black women can look awesome with incredible color solutions, still hair dyes can make frizzy curly hair even dryer, that is why temporary hair hues and even wigs can be more preferable. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Short Haircuts For Black Women

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 short haircuts for black women

Ultra modern short hairstyles and haircuts for black women for the current fall/winter 2014-2015 season.

The new season brought it's tendencies and it's time ladies to shift away from easy protective hairstyles and go for more dramatic looks with new short haircuts. Natural hairstyles for black women are still popular, but who can refuse having a smashing new look this autumn and winter? Among short haircuts for black women, we can spot some bob hairstyles that look very stylish. Long and short bobs simply rock the season. Besides extra short pixies and Mohawks are on trend as well. As before you can find long hairstyles with shaved sides, but this time long tresses are left natural as they are. Well why talk this much? Let's see 2014 fall / winter 2015 haircuts for black women right away right here! (more…)

Top Trendy Fall 2014 Hairstyles

top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles

Each new season brings new trends. In any sphere of fashion. New hairstyles trends are for sure no exclusion. First of all new fall 2014 hairstyles are spotted on fashion shows, catwalks and red carpets introduce us the latest trends in hair design. Hair gurus know well enough what will be called trendy hairstyles and go for creating the brand new awesome styles. Now we can already say that fall 2014 hair trends have introduced one big trend: 60's voluminous hairstyles, they are back and are quite popular. Beside we see some new touch in wet effect hairstyles,now we have the roots as if wet, while the ends are straight and dry, looks contrastive and innovative. So if you are among those who are not afraid, then follow top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles and get your fashion show hairstyle. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Ombre Hair Color

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 ombre hair color

Ombre hair color has been popular for a while already and you may come to thing that it is yielding positions and lose its fame. But it's not true. For fall / winter 2014-2015 season ombre can be considered the hottest hair color solution that creates the most trendy hairstyles. Ombre highlights are updated with new dyeing techniques and designs and you can see ombre everywhere, from celebrities to teen school girls. If before ombre hair color was mostly associated with brown hair color with caramel highlights, or soft honey blonde to brown or brunette colors, now hair trends 2014-2015 offer us all incredible color combos - violet, pink, turquoise, yellow and blue changing into blonde or natural brown hair colors. Just make your vision wider and step out from the standards we used to see to create 2014 fall / winter 2015 ombre hair color designs and solutions. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Bridal Hairstyles

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 braided bridal hairstyles

Ladies, if you plan to get married this autumn or winter, I should tell that you will be the cutest bride, cause bridal hairstyles 2014-2015 are very diverse and not always traditional. For fall 2014 choose hairstyles that will recreate the spirit of autumn around, add leaves to the wedding hairstyles, or invent other nice accessories that will make you look unforgettable. For winter 2015 wedding ceremonies try baby's breath and maybe choose hair color to warm golden shades of blonde, not to get cold on that significant winter day. Among popular hairstyles you can find bridal braided hairstyles that look simply fantastic when accompanied by some flower accessories. And also updo hairstyles are in the mainstream for fall / winter season, cause with a cute updo no rain, or snow or wind will spoil your bridal image. I have prepared a lovely collection of 2014 fall / winter 2015 bridal hairstyles and suggest running through it now. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles for African American Women

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 hairstyles for African American women

Each new season brings forward its own tendencies and rules. Hair trends 2014-2015 are full of new ideas, color solutions and combos and to be on trend you need to find among all a unique hairstyles that will fit you character. Popular hairstyles for African American women introduce the well known natural hairstyles for black women that never fade away. But above this, modern tendecies bring forward cutely styled designs with straightened hair, or slightly wavy. You can even find extremely short haircuts in the hair trends 2014-2015. Natural hairstyles are in the mainstream just like the whole year before, and if you are not still that natural, it;s time to do it. Here is a selection of 2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles for African American Women, where you will find the most inspirational hairstyles pictures for you. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Mens Hairstyles Trends

2014 fall-winter 2015 mens hairstyles trends

Sometimes men come to think that clean clothes and shoes are enough to have neat and attractive looks. But that is not true. Mens outfit is much determined by the hairstyles and shaved skin. During last seasons slightly unshaven skin was on trend but 2014 fall / winter 2015 hair trends offer to get back to traditional silky skin totally shaven and soft. This is about skin, and what about trendy hairstyles for men? The rightly chose hairstyle can make you look much better and handsome, you just need to find a good hairdresser to create the desired mens hairstyles. Once men used to go to saloon once and then forget about hair for some time, but hair trends 2014-2015 are not that simple, and mens hairstyles have turned into a real art now. So let's see which are 2014 fall / winter 2015 mens hairstyles trends? (more…)