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Paris Fashion Week Hairstyles 2015: Street Style

Paris Fashion Week Hairstyles 2015 Street Style

Paris Fashion Week took place in quite soft spirits of autumn weather that was excellent for boosting new trendy hairstyles SS15.

Sunny calm weather was meant for Dior charming skirts that could fly from a subtle touch of wind and Celine flower tunics that were precisely adorable in the sunlight, reminding of summer 2014 and inspiring for spring 2015. This is about outfits, and not all collections are introduced yet, while with hair trends 2015 we are quite definite. What can speak more of a general tendency in spring summer hairstyles than people and street style hair that reflects the whole mood and spirits of current and coming popular hairstyles? London Fashion Week street style hair combined with some hairstyles ideas for fall 2014 from celebrities give us some idea how to look in street. And right away we will the most adorable street style hairstyles SS15 directly from Paris Fashion Week. (more…)

Milan Fashion Week Hairstyles 2015 Spring / Summer

Milan Fashion Week Hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 for spring/summer season are introduced by some mixture of styles at Milan Fashion Week.

Indeed during New York Fashion Week we have seen some reserved sumo to knots, London Fashion week was all about venter parted and slicked back hairstyles. And now we are all eager to know what Milan has brought us. Hair trends 2015 from Milan is a different story. Here we can see blending of styles and designs, you can see sleek hair and natural hair color, and you can see waves and vivid bold colors; models can have Nude make up and also brightest rainbow colors on eyes. So one thing is definite Milan fashion Week hair trends 2015 spring / summer represent variety of hairstyles that you can wear for appropriate occasion. Now let's see pictures of hairstyles 2015 to get some more style and trendy spirits. (more…)

London Fashion Week Center Parted Hairstyles 2015

London Fashion Week Center Parted Hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 introduced by London Fashion Week designers are full of easy and encouraging decisions for ladies with thin straight hair.

LFW is almost over and we can clearly now see the main hair trends for spring summer 2015 season: that is center parted hairstyles. Many collections included this simple design for long straight hairstyles, that underlines natural beauty, without any implications and puts accent on the face and outfit. From Thomas Tait to Erdem designers and hairstylists were accurately drawing the center crown line on their models. I must say that such popular hairstyles will be fitting greatly women with thin hair, when you will need just center part your tresses and go out without additional styling procedures. Center parted hairstyles are seen on LFW not only on straight hair but on braids and waves as well. Besides they are not just center parted but wet effect hairstyles as well. Ladies with greasy hair can keep the style in mind. (more…)

Amazing Ombre Highlights For Natural Curly Hair

cute ombre highlights for natural curly hair

Ombre highlights keep on being the main trend in hair coloring for some seasons now, and they go on creating the most amazing looks on all hair types.

The last few years we have noticed how ombre hair color has raised its popularity and established its place among all the other dyeing techniques. Still now it's even more popular than ever, girls and women all around the world try sombre and ombre hair colors and express themselves through the unique looks they obtain. Now the trend comes to natural hairstyles for black women. Who said that curly hair is boring? Add bold ombre highlights, or try subtle ombre and see how your image is changed into something more in an instance. Be the first to make the statement in your surrounding, but first check out some ideas for amazing ombre highlights for natural curly hair in this article. (more…)

Kids Natural Back To School Hairstyles 2014

2014 back to school hairstyles for black girls

Only some two weeks are left before the new school year. And I can imagine that some of us are in panic what to do with naturally curly hairstyles of our kids. Natural hairstyles for black women include many styles based on twists and braids that protect natural hair from surrounding pollution and influence of chemicals, besides making our curly life much easier. The same refers to kids hairstyles. But you may be at a loss not knowing what to choose appropriate to the your kid's age. In this article you will find kids natural back to school hairstyles 2014 that will fit any age group. You can play with colorful accessories to make the popular hairstyles look more or less serious. Many of the protective kids hairstyles represent a mixture of two style: braids and twist, or braids and loose ends, or twists and ponytails. Here they are: (more…)

2014 Creative Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

curly hairstyles for black men 2014

Accentuating your best natural features, will make you look much better than any artificial style. Naturally curly hairstyles stop being hard and boring and stressful once you find a way to style them properly. Natural hairstyles for black men involve curly hairstyles of different length that can really look cool and be no problem. You just need to know some simple styling tricks. If you have a short crop haircut, make a stylish 'fro that will accentuate natural hair texture. If you have a very short haircut, just let hair grow a bit and ask your hairdresser to give definite line of hair growth and you will be able to enjoy natural coils you have. Actually mens hairstyles are quite versatile and here I have collected some of 2014 creative curly hairstyles for black men. Look, admire and see that not only braided hairstyles and short fade haircuts look funky and cool. (more…)

Pretty Low Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

cute low bun hairstyles 2014

With the coming of summer seems that we have more things to do, girls. To plan vacations, meetings with friends, shopping and chagne of wardrobe and hairstyle. Among all this for sure we won't like to spend much time on hairstyles but who doesn't want to look smashing? Nobody, I assure. Among all the summer fuss hairstyles is the topic to be discussed thoroughly. If you have many meetings in hot days I will introduce to you pretty low bun summer hairstyles 2014. The good thing about low bun hairstyles is that it is not difficlult to create on the one hand, and on the other low bun has the ability to create glamorous formal image at once. Now let's consider some examples of such trendy hairstyles. (more…)