Medium Hairstyles

Exceptional Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2014

exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014

Medium hairstyles scan be considered the most common styles first of all because of their functionality and versatility. Medium hair length allows with less efforts to maintain hair in good condition without too much care and allows to create many trendy hairstyles. These can be not only loose bob hairstyles that are very popular by the way, due to new messy touch that creates stylish  bedhead effect, but also updos for medium hair, introducing braided hairstyles, top knots and famous ponytails. When it comes to thin hair, I should mention that medium hair length is perfect for fine hair, as it allows creating more volume with the help of layers. Medium layered hairstyles have their unique niche among thin hair hairstyles, cause layers create magic and you come to find your hair look thick, healthy and quite voluminous. Here I will show some of the best hairstyles pictures representing exceptional medium hairstyles for thin hair 2014 and I am sure you will find inspiration among them. (more…)

Cute And Stylish Updos for Medium Hair

messy french twist updos for medium hair

Medium hair is the most dynamic one. It can be worn loose without any implications, it doesn't require the maintenance long hair do, and it is not unmanageable like short hair can be. Medium hairstyles are good cause they can be worn loose and demonstrate your gorgeous tresses and they can be style into an updo hairstyle that will look not less gorgeous, Certainly some updo hairstyles demand extremely long hair and you can't afford them with medium length, but on the other hand medium hairstyles are very versatile. Let's have a closer look at cute and stylish updos for medium hair. What we can find in here? The most trendy hairstyles for medium hair are buns, they are simple to create and look fantastic. Modern tendencies let you make them messy to create natural hair effect. Besides, knots are also among leaders in this list. (more…)

2014 Prettiest Updos For Medium Hair

jessica alba braided updos for medium hair

Medium hairstyles are supposed to be the most functional, that allow you average maintenance and innumerable styles to play with. However sometimes you may face gorgeous hairstyles that appear to look better on long hair length. That is why you need to know what kind of hairstyles you may experiment with on midi hair. Hot weather makes us think more about summer hairstyles and here doubtless updo hairstyles have a leading position saving us from warm tresses in the sun. The trendy hairstyles among updos are top knots, ponytails, and braided styles. And almost all of them are possible on medium hair. 2014 prettiest updos for medium hair will offer you not only casual hairstyles for every day, but some exquisite designs to be worn on special events. Trendy updos for medium hair are: (more…)

Shag Haircut and Thin Hair

short shag haircut for thin hair

Ladies with thin hair know pretty well that a good shag haircut can make the tresses look thick and healthy. You know, it's like a having a perfect dress fitting any occasion and luxurious even without any accessories. Professionally cut layers of your shag haircut will accentuate the texture and if you choose some smart highlights, the smashing effect is guaranteed. Shag haircut and thin hair is the topic of my article today. Lets see some examples of popular shag hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. (more…)

Exceptional Medium Curly Hairstyles

wedding curly hairstyles

Curly hair and medium length is the most practical combination to create any hairstyle you may think of. With medium hairstyles you can try natural curly styles, bedhead messy hairstyles, or go for updo hairstyles both relaxed and polished. Zillion of styling opportunities open in front of you if you are the happy owner of this smashing combo. I am eager to introduce to you in this article a wise selection of exceptional medium curly hairstyles. I am sure you will get inspired and come to love your curly hair texture. (more…)

Breathtaking Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

micro braids on medium curly hair

Nowadays in the times of working business women, more and more of us seek for easy haircuts. Short hairstyles are popular but daring and not all of us can afford such a risk, while medium hairstyles are not only popular and quite feminine, they are almost as easy as short styles. Well, this statement can be true concerning all cases but Afro American women hairstyles. Even medium length hair can be a problem, cause we well know about dry and frizzy hair texture with hair standing put to all sides in complete chaos. Yet, it is not so hopeless. Here I will introduce you breathtaking medium hairstyles for black women, that are all different and inspire unique mood and senses. 2014 hairstyles include many trendy options for midi haircuts. (more…)

Cute Medium Haircuts 2014

blonde medium hairstyles

It is set in our nature to go for changes, women never like the same repeating things surrounding them That is why we often want to change something in our appearance, just a small thing, even just to know that something is not like always. The inner feeling of fresh touch makes us be confident and calm. It is amazing how a woman can totally transform when she simply makes a new hairstyle or haircut. Not only visual changes take place, but the inside world also undergoes some shifts accordingly. The most harmless change is medium hairstyle. It is not so dramatic to cut off long tresses and also not very hard to grow a bit short hair. And medium hair length is fabulous with its diversity. The main hair trends 2014 tell us that your medium haircut should be either blunt cut or shaggy layered, and either side parted or with a long side bang. So let's check out cute medium haircuts 2014 right now. (more…)