Long Hairstyles

Ultra Modern Hairstyles 2015 Spring / Summer

Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

Spring / Summer 2015 season is already well discussed and we have definite ideas about hairstyles trends 2015 that will come soon.

Ladies, we all are well aware that changes and new ideas are the things that we love most of all. We have discussed quite a lot hairstyles for 2014 Fall / Winter 2015 season and discovered many gorgeous decisions for styling hair in cold weather, so we are totally ready for winter 2015. But I must say that New York Fashion Week, London and Berlin Fashion Weeks have introduced us all new breath hairstyles for SS15 and here I'd like to give a brief overview of the most popular hairstyles introduced during the most prominent catwalk shows 2014. As you know some tendencies in hairstyles 2015 are very definite now, and we know for sure that center parted hairstyles and slicked back hairstyles are the trendiest looks for coming SS15. So let's see what else is there. (more…)

Slicked Back Hairstyles 2015 Spring/ Summer Trends

slicked back hairstyles 2015 1

Ladies with thin and greasy hair, come closer - slicked back and wet effect hairstyles will be the main hair trend 2015 during spring/summer season.

If you have fine hair that seems to attract grease in an instance after being freshly washed, I must say that you are the lucky one. New York and London Fashion week among all the beautiful popular hairstyles have put accent on pulled back shining hair, that was seen all around almost in the collections of all designers, from Julian McDonald and Alexander Wang to Carolina Herrera.Their models' hairstyles were sleek and smooth, mostly long hairstyles just pulled back, or tied in a ponytail. Well, I must say that waves and curls were not left out totally, but you could spot them only at the ends, the roots being sleek and glossy. Let's see now some of slicked back hairstyles 2015 from the best Fashion Weeks. (more…)

London Fashion Week Center Parted Hairstyles 2015

London Fashion Week Center Parted Hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 introduced by London Fashion Week designers are full of easy and encouraging decisions for ladies with thin straight hair.

LFW is almost over and we can clearly now see the main hair trends for spring summer 2015 season: that is center parted hairstyles. Many collections included this simple design for long straight hairstyles, that underlines natural beauty, without any implications and puts accent on the face and outfit. From Thomas Tait to Erdem designers and hairstylists were accurately drawing the center crown line on their models. I must say that such popular hairstyles will be fitting greatly women with thin hair, when you will need just center part your tresses and go out without additional styling procedures. Center parted hairstyles are seen on LFW not only on straight hair but on braids and waves as well. Besides they are not just center parted but wet effect hairstyles as well. Ladies with greasy hair can keep the style in mind. (more…)

Diverse Back To School Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

fashionable back to school hairstyles

August is almost gone that for many people in the world means one single thing - the start of the new school year. Teenagers for sure are getting ready for the new season. Doubtless, at the age of being a teen any girl is already a lady and wants to draw attention and look simply amazing. For that girls change your clothing, inject your style with new touches and get brand new popular hairstyles. They say that for back to school hairstyles medium hair length is the most appropriate one, because it allows to create many designs and is easy to take care of. But I must disagree, cause many short haircuts and long hairstyles are just meant for school. In this article I have collected same-like teen hairstyles for both long and short hair. They are modern and stylish and among diverse back to school hairstyles for long and short hair you will find your inspiring style right now. (more…)

Sensuous Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

sensous long hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles for round faces once ended up strictly with a few straight hair design. Well, nowadays your choice is much wider. But you should keep in mind two things: long hairstyles for round faces shouldn't be very voluminous and avoid symmetry everywhere. So very tight and very loose curls will visually make your face look fatter, while medium size curls especially designed asymmetrically will elongate face shape. As for symmetry forget about center parting. Always choose side parting, and on the whole any asymmetrical haircut will fit round faces. For example, you can have long bob haircut and on one side pull hair behind ear and on the other leave hair loose to cascade down your cheek. Or have layered hairstyles with layers of different length on both sides that will distract attention from fat face. So solutions are quite many and here are some of sensuous long hairstyles for round faces that you can copy easily. (more…)

Trendsetting Long Hairstyles 2014

trendsetting long hairstyles 2014

Long hairstyles are a dream for many ladies. For sure they need special care and with long tresses you will need to devote time and effort to keep them in good and healthy condition. But what you will get back is worthy your efforts. Gorgeous long hair will arm you with zillion of hairstyles to rock each season of 2014. Any updos and downdos, loose and tight, wavy and sleek, braided neatly or left messy, all will be possible for you. Besides hair trends 2014 prompt us that popular hairstyles of the current seasons are the ones created on long hair. So take some patience, grow out your hair a bit and you will be able to forget about sticking yo one haircut, and will go on experimenting with trendsetting long hairstyles 2014. The below hairstyles pictures will introduce the best long hairstyles from celebrities and red carpet events. (more…)

Flattening Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2014

celebrity long hairstyles 2014
Long hairstyles may look alike at first sight. But in reality it is not that simple. For different hair texture you need different careful choice of long haircuts. It is a responsible action, for sure with short and medium hair you must be even more attentive, and with long hair if the haircut doesn't suit you you can go for shorter layers. Yet why not to boost long gorgeous locks? For thick hair medium and long layers spread all over hair will be very good, cause they will remove bulkiness and add life. While with thin hair, make layers on front part and leave the rest of hair straight without layers, well some light layers will do as well. The best inspiration for you will be the below selection of flattening celebrity long hairstyles 2014 that will introduce to you the most trendy hairstyles for long hair of the current seasons. (more…)