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2015 Hairstyles Tips From Paris Fashion Week

2015 Hairstyles From Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week this time surprised every body with natural hairstyles to be the hair trends 2015, and there was strangely something rebellious in that.

Natural hairstyles, smooth skin with almost no make up, shining eyes with no make up at all or with bold eyeliner - everything was pleasantly exciting and impressive in the City of Fashion, and no matter whether you adore floral print in clothing and flower hair accessories, or you prefer straight natural hair and modest dresses, you could find what you needed. The zest of this Fashion Week in Paris introducing spring summer 2015 hairstyles, laid in natural looks for sure and above all it is noted by the awaited comeback of long hairstyles. It was discussed before, but now let's consider what hairstyles tips we can learn to look trendy during SS15 season. Natural hairstyles and untouched skin don't mean that you it requires no care, it can require even more than before. (more…)

Dolce & Gabbana Hairstyles 2015 And Spanish Hair Accessories

D&G hairstyles 2015 and hair accessories SS15

Milan Fashion Week has introduced us not only gorgeous collections of outfit, but make up ideas and also a lot of unforgettable hairstyles 2015 for spring and summer.

One of the most impressive hair trends 2015 that was spotted during the Italian fashion week was the Spanish inspired hairstyles collection by Guido Palau for Dolce & Gabbana show. As Guido mentioned ladies want to look soft and feminine and this is what he tried to create and succeeded. Relaxed and easy hairstyles were accompanied by gorgeous hair accessories that were tiaras and bright red flowers like roses. The hairstyles spoke greatly with the black and red Spanish dresses of the models and created the atmosphere of femininity taking back to the times when Sicily was ruled by Spanish Kingdom. Floral hair accessories for spring summer 2015 will indeed create the most popular hairstyles for the season. (more…)

On-Trend Guido Palau Hairstyles 2015

Guido Palau Wet Effect Hairstyles

Guido Palau is the hairstylists that gives direction to hair styling and designs for a long time already and some of his inspirational popular hairstyles you can see right now.

While the world wide known hair guru was all absorbed in setting the main hair trends 2015 by creating already know extremely slicked ponytails at Alexander Wang, shag hairstyles at Marc Jacobs and lovely buns at Dolce & Gabbana, his second book called Hair was published. It includes all the possible modern and trendy hairstyles from razor cut designs, super straight hair and fluffy waves, to imaginative updo hairstyles. This collection of his again proves him to be the greatest hairstylist of our times and his hairstyles SS15 will transfer to street and become popular among people as with his previous collections. (more…)

Paris Fashion Week Natural Hairstyles 2015

Paris Fashion Week Natural Hairstyles 2015 1

Paris Fashion Week introduced us incredible collection for spring summer 2015 that were accompanied by amazingly simple and natural hairstyles.

Naturalness seems to be the slogan of Paris Fashion Week this year. Isabel Marant models came to catwalk with the same long hairstyles as they arrived for fitting. Natural looking hair and make up is the zest of Paris fashion show and almost all the designers kept this in mind. To quote Guido Palau that created Christian Dior hairstyles is to agree that natural hairstyles is new luxury nowadays. Hair trends 2015 will tell us to have glossy and healthy hair and style them in simple easy ways. People need every day styles - this is what many hairstylists said. Indeed modern outfit and easy popular¬† hairstyles make wonderful combination for SS15 season. New York and London Fashion Weeks also had some easy designs, but Paris introduces the delicate conception of style even with simple hairstyles. (more…)

Paris Fashion Week Slicked Back Hairstyles 2015

Paris Fashion Week Slicked Back Hairstyles 2015

Slicked back hairstyles can really be called hair trends 2015 as all the recent Fashion Weeks proved us with various designs for wet effect hair.

True that during recent years we have seen many slicked hairstyles, but this year tendencies are all gorgeous. New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week have introduced slicked hairstyles and we well knew already that hair trends 2015 put slicked hair in first place. Still, Paris Fashion Week had something to surprise us for spring summer 2015. The new slicked back hairstyles introduced very creative solutions, that was achieved with absence of styling tools in the hands of hairstylists. So each hair guru could leave his own signature with fingers, and that is what they did. Slicked back hairstyles from Paris Fashion week will inspire you to have these modern designs in 2015, girls with greasy hair will love them. (more…)

Wearing Long Hairstyles in 2015 Will Be Trendy

long hairstyles for 2015

Long hairstyles 2015 seem to be reality after being shown everywhere during recent Fashion Weeks all around the world.

Once chin length hairstyles came into fashion, gthey were sported by all the well know celebrities Jennifer Aniston being among the first stars to try it. We could see so many variations of bob hairstyles and its derivative lob, that one could hardly speak of monotony. Still, hair trends 2015 are really all about long hair. And still there are some months to try to grow off tresses cause I assure you that wearing long hairstyles in 2015 will be trendy. Now we see that extreme haircuts, bold solutions and asymmetrical designs seem to be gone to past, while we happen to face smooth and easy long hairstyles, that will give you very feminine appearance. Seems that trends of past decades visit us again this fall and winter and whole SS15 season and retro hairstyles of the past are turning to smashing modern hair designs. (more…)

2015 Hairstyles Tips from Milan Fashion Week

2015 hairstyles from milan fashion week

Bold colored lips, vivid eyes, top knots crowned with jewel hair accessories and braids of any possible kind - this is the overview of the past Milan Fashion Week introducing hairstyles 2015 for spring summer.

The designs ideas were created from big cities buzz and concepts, thus being ultra modern and stylish. Yet everything looked natural, from outfit to make up and hairstyles. This time all the huge secrets laid in details, omitting one small thing means losing style. Hair trends 2015 from Milan Fashion week have ideas suitable for every day life and in fact easy to create, alongside with the most glamorous and complicated hair patterns to be worn on special events, and I am more than sure that forthcoming red carpet events will be full of these awesome hairstyles 2015 from Milan. Let's discuss now the main blending of make up and popular hairstyles to bring out the mainstream tendencies of 2015 spring summer. (more…)