Long Hairstyles

Hair Trends 2015: Twists & Braids

braids hairstyles 2015

Braids hairstyles for spring 2015 include the diversity of styles we have noted at different fashion and runway shows.

Braided styles have become popular long ago and till now they do not loose an inch of their fame. Hair stylists go on inventing newer and newer designs that at once turn to trendy hairstyles. This year hair trends 2015 suggest us being natural, so among braids hairstyles we can find many casual and messy variations that make you look casual and on-trend for any event. Actually from Donna Karan exquisite braids to easy and messy plaits at Michael Kors you can find the vastest variety of braids designs. So no matter whether you are skilled or not too much or even not at all, there is a braided hairstyle for each of, just make sure to grow out long hair before SS15. (more…)

Hair trends 2015: Smashing Ponytails

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Ponytails are one of the favourite hairstyles for the coming spring 2015 season making the headturning comeback with famous sumo knots at New York Fashion Week.

Indeed the whole summer and previous seasons we were talking about loose and relaxed hairstyles making much accent on beach waves, short bob haircuts and pixies. While now we clearly can see the long hairstyles tendency for 2015 and it's high time to let your tresses grow. For sure boho waves discussed before are extremely trendy but what makes ponytails so unique is their simple design and elegant looks. Besides ponytails can save your hours of styling and make you look amazing even on bad hair days. For ladies with greasy hair, the ponytail popular hairstyles are a real fortune, cause you can forget about washing hair every now and then and style a gorgeous ponytail instead. So let's have a look at runway hairstyles pictures. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Boho Waves

boho waves hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 for spring and summer were introduced at all the Fashion Weeks we have discussed, and now I want to introduce you a collection of boho waves.

Actually, one of the main hair trends for the coming season SS15 is wearing long hairstyles. Yes, many celebrities still go for bob and lob hairstyles, but look at runway trendy hairstyles and you will see that long hair will set the fashion looks. All possible designs with long hairstyles will be popular, you may consider slicked back hair, braided hairstyles, or loose straight hair. So if you have short hair, there still remains time to get the super stylish long hairstyles 2015. Now more in detail about boho waves. Have you noticed the gorgeous hair gurus designs this year? All so natural and relaxed and boho waves making the majority. Let's start with hairstyles pictures right away. (more…)

Beyonce Hairstyles Mysterious Makeover


Beyonce is one of the most popular celebrities nowadays, and she is recently much spoken about due to her celebrity hairstyles mysterious makeover.

The pop star was seen in New York a fortnight ago wearing extremely trendy bob haircut, styled naturally wavy. And this seemed surprising because just some days before that Beyonce was spotted wearing her sensational baby bangs, that became the core of discussions all through the web. How could she possibly grow out the extra short baby bangs in just a few days? How such popular hairstyles are created in this case? Maybe some of us will say that this is magical, but I am quite realist to say that it is all about very high quality wigs and weaves. Why not to use them to get super trendy hairstyles 2015?  Beyonce is not the first world wide known star to use wigs for a change. But in this case it all seems really magical! (more…)

Forever In Love With Braids Hairstyles 2015

braids hairstyles 2015

No matter if you sport fishtail, loose or tight braids, waterfall braids, classy French braids or box braids, whether you have long or medium hair, we are forever in love with braids hairstyles 2015!

While we are busy discussing celebrity hairstyles and their hairstylists' new inventions on braiding and plaiting techniques, common ladies from all over the world keep on creating the best braids design and thus they set the hair trends 2015. In this article I will introduce some of the best braided hairstyles from all over the web, where you will see that women just like you make the magnificent braids suitable for any hair type and length, and I have no doubts that among them you will find the one so dear to you that will become your signature hairstyle for spring summer 2015. All the popular hairstyles can be made easily, just add a little bit more imagination. (more…)

Rihanna Matte Lipstick and Ponytail Hairstyles SS15

Rihanna glamorous ponytail

Rihanna is the most well known hair chameleon ever, changing her celebrity hairstyles not from season to season, but each single day and setting the trends for most popular hairstyles ever.

We have considered Rihanna short haircuts once before and today I'd like to introduce to you her great makeover for Los Angeles amfAR gala. We knew her before with all possible hairstyles of all hair colors but this time she was totally in hair trends 2015. Her dress from SS15 collection by Tom Ford and her matte orange lipstick fitted the tendencies in fashion for next spring summer simply perfectly. Rihanna celebrity hairstyles always are vibrant and impressive from short shaved side hairstyles to glamorous long hairstyles, straight and curly, relaxed and elegant. This time Rihanna showed up with waist long low ponytail hairstyle with side bang and set the trend for hairstyles 2015 I must say. The celebrity looked awesome with that new hairstyle. (more…)

Penelope Cruz Celebrity Hairstyles for 2015

celebrity hairstyles 2015

Penelope Cruz is the beloved actress of world wide know directors Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen and this has its distinct reasons.

Her unique and characteristic beauty of a passionate Spanish woman is rather recognizable in all her movies, her rapacious black eyes like Spanish olives and her sensual lips, her famous brunette hair color is a standard of beauty everywhere. But she can be a chameleon as well despite her distinct image we all know well enough. Her celebrity hairstyles can vary from movie to movie, from long brunette hairstyles to short blond haircuts, from strict and elegant updo hairstyles to loose and romantic beach wavy hairstyles. It all depends on the gist and Penelope manages to perfectly recreate the mood of any character she happens to play. Her popular hairstyles are already the best inspiration for women in any corner of the world and still some of her iconic hair designs will set the hair trends 2015 again I am sure. (more…)