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Runway Ponytail Hairstyles for Fall 2015

With autumn season approaching us we have already witnessed some most notorious runway shows representing main fashion trends for fall 2015. And what we will discuss today are the ponytails hairstyles. As the hair trends 2015 set last year, we can still feel the main tendency in all types of hairstyles: that is naturalness and easy-to-do principle. Even on the runway the model long hairstyles are designed very simple and cute. As for ponytails though at the catwalk we have seen many styles from messy to extra sleek and straight, there was one common general tendency - low ponytails. At the collections of Michael Kors and Dior and other the ponytails hairstyles were low and exquisite, that means that for fall 2015 hairstyles we witness ponytails convert from cheerful girlish hairstyle to delicate and sophisticated ones.

ponytail hairstyles for 2015 fall

If you do not believe me let's see now the hairstyles pictures and get inspired to get the most trendy looks for this autumn 2015 season. This season is going to look calm and elegant and very contrasting to summer looks. (more…)

Celebrity Beach Waves Hair 2015 Summer

Summer is here and the beach, the sea. the sun and hot summer days are the only things each of us looks for. But beaches are not cool only for being marvellous placed but also for how they make us look, ladies. The sea breeze coming from salty water creates those unforgettable beach wavy hairstyles that we seek to opt in big city life. Well, even if you are away from sea you can still try to design these super relaxed summer 2015 beach waves hair. First look at the celebrity hairstyles and get convinced that no matter short or long hair, you can have beach waves and wear them proudly to look cutie and sunny.

beach waves hair 2015

And then you can go to your hairstylist and ask for the most astonishing beach waves hair. Well, to tell the truth though this kind of popular hairstyles are really amazing, besides they are easy to do and they are looking natural, just as hair trends 2015 want us to look. So hairstylist is not always needed. Just buy a sea salt spray and watch some tutorials and here you are, ready to go out with the beach waves and rock this summertime! (more…)

Summer Bridal Hairstyles With Flowers 2015

When all doubts are left behind and you have agreed to marry that very precise and special man, you come to face wedding arrangements. You will need to plan all the details to avoid any unpleasant thing, for sure there will be people to help you and you groom himself will do many things but as for the wedding dress, make up and bridal hairstyles you will have to act on your own. So for the brides-to-be this summer 2015 hairstyles offer a cutest collection of wedding styles with flowers. What can be more romantic and touching than a bride in real flowers in her head and in wedding dress. Flowers are the best hair accessories for summer wedding and it doesn't really matter whether you have long or short hair, floral design  will suit you.

summer wedding hairstyles with flowers

For an elegant classy wedding you can try white flowers in your bridal hairstyles, but for summer i would advise to go beyond the limits and try brightest colors of summer expressed in flowers of all possible tones. It will look very dazzling and will freshen up your long hairstyles. Now the pictures. (more…)

Tony Awards 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Tony Awards 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Center parted hairstyles were many, but deep side parting was also welcomed. And as for make up details, note that red lipstick is still there, on trend and in the mainstream.So why wait more, let's see the perfect celebrity hairstyles from 2015 Tony's red carpet. (more…)

Messy Summer Braids Hairstyles

Summer is in here and ladies with long hair seem to be lost in doubts what to do with their long tresses so much sported by hair trends 2015. Actually, do not get disappointed with you hair length. Even though the weather is hot and you can't leave your hair loose any longer, there are zillion of options to adopt and look relaxed and feel comfortable during summer 2015 season. And among them are braids hairstyles for sure. Talking about braids and styles with plaits is really infinite, and each time hairstylist invent newer and fresher ideas. Today this article will be devoted to messy braids hairstyles for summer.messy summer braids

Some people may consider that messy hairstyles are a sign of no good education and the bedhead effect is not polite. But look here at the messy braids long hairstyles that are really adorable and what is quite important they can be worn anywhere - on the beach, in the club, at home and also at some serious events. (more…)

Sleek & Straight Summer Ponytails 2015

Long hairstyles are in the mainstream this year and this is the bare truth. ling before the year started, hair trends 2015 were set and adopted by designers and hairstylist and we had to choice but follow the tendencies. But with the coming of hot summer season, we face a problem with long hair. It is hot and leaving hair loose is uncomfortable. With wavy hair it is even worse cause no matter how long you straighten it, it becomes wavy at once due to hot air streams. Well, there is a clue here - updo hairstyles. All kind of updos, braids updos, easy and casual, elegant and exquisite, buns and messy styles and of course ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles are the ones to solve your hair problems in any situation and for any event.

summer ponytails 2015

We usually think of ponytail as of something ordinary that can;t fit some important event, and women usually have ponytail hairstyles at home. But look at the celebrity hairstyles collection in this articel, Sleek and straight ponytails are ideal for summer 2015. They are solid and elgenat and feminine. So why not opt for them right now? (more…)

Summer Side Braids Hairstyles 2015

Hair trends 2015 have it that long hairstyles are the main tendency and that is why starting from last year ladies rushed to grow out hair, and now with the coming of hot summer weather we face a problem of dealing with long hair. For sure simple ponytails and buns will always do, but there are exquisite braids hairstyles for summer time that will make your life easier. Braided styles can be of million of types and today we will speak about side braids hairstyles that are really popular this season. First I should note that last season's messy looks are not that favourable now, and you better follow this article to know what braids to create.

Summer Side Braids 2015

The most popular hairstyles among side braids now are wide braids. You create bog braids, not too tight and pick out and stretch each tress to edges and so you make a wide plait, that is the definite trend for summer 2015. These popular hairstyles are casual and are more of boho looks, but if you are skilled enough, you will be able to create even elegant evening hairstyles with wide side braids. (more…)