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Head-Turning Black Ombre Hair Colors 2014

black ombre hair

Black ombre hair is very attractive creating the most popular hairstyles of the season. Yet very vivid and eye catching that is why it is not the daily choice of many women. Then who can try black ombre? Ladies with contrasting looks is my answer. Blue eyes and black hair color, or dark hair and pale skin, if you look contrasting then you can bravely try dark hair color with highlights that can be of brown, light brown and even blonde hair color. Black ombre hair is best of all to try on long hairstyles that give space for quality and professional hair dyeing. So let's come to examples of head-turning black ombre hair colors 2014 and get some inspiration. (more…)

Pretty Reverse Ombre Hair Solutions

reverse ombre hair

Multi-toned hair combos have faded away and now we witness the crazy popularity of ombre hair colors. Any base tone can fit for ombre highlights that in an instance can make you change your image and the world inside as well. This is about regular ombre hair. But what about reverse ombre? Actually it is not so popular as traditional ombre highlights, cause it bears the risk of being different. yet it looks simply amazing on long hair introducing the most unthinkable transitions from light to dark hair colors, and making trendy hairstyles be more attractive. Here you can find pretty reverse ombre hair solutions not only for extra long hair but for medium haircuts as well. (more…)

Inspiring Blonde Ombre Hair Ideas

blonde ombre hair 2014

Ombre highlights inspire blonde hair with incredible light and freshness. You can try ombre on any blonde, starting from dishwater blonde and strawberry blonde, and ending with light brown or even dark brown hair color as the base. ash blonde and platinum colored ends will give the atmosphere of brightness to your image. If you have already managed to sunbathe then you can choose warmer sun kissed golden blonde tones that are perfect for tanned skin. Now let's see the examples of inspiring blonde ombre hair that creates the most popular hairstyles for summer 2014! (more…)

Fabulous Brown Ombre Hair Colors 2014

honey brown ombre hair

Natural brunette hair color is quite eye-catching and bright. Still you can add some more life by choosing smart coloristic solution. Brown ombre hair can offer cutest color transitions. You can try bold two-color ombre hair and also you can choose subtle versions. Actually hair trends 2014 offer to be natural and choose natural hairstyles and hair colors. That is why perhaps soft and calm ombre hair will be the better choice. Highlights for brown hair can start from light brown and end with the most cool blonde hair color. It's up to you to make to choice. I am here to introduce fabulous brown ombre hair colors 2014 and you are here to look and get inspired. (more…)

Stunning Hair Color Ideas for Short Ombre Hair

short ombre pixie haircut

When we talk about ombre highlights we usually imagine long hairstyles, on which ombre transitions are seen best of all. Does it mean that ladies with short haircuts must avoid ombre color? Of course, it doesn't! On short hair ombre can be amazing if you go to professional hair stylist. On medium length bob haircuts it is even more incredible. You don't believe me, girls? Let's check out stunning hair color ideas for short ombre hair and see that it is possible. (more…)

Awesome Red Ombre Hair Ideas

cherry red ombre hair

There come time when each one of us, my dear ladies, wants to make a change in her style. We either want to make a total change or just inject some fresh breath to the style we coexist with for years. Changing hair color is the first thing you may do for the makeover. Today I want to introduce awesome red ombre hair ideas. Red ombre is the color that actually suits any hair type and original color, well the only exception maybe the cool-toned blondes that are usually wearing softer colors. Red ombre hair besides being one of trendiest hair colors 2014, is also a marvellous solution to change decorations in your life. (more…)

Ombre Hair Color

strawberry blonde ombre highlights

Ombre hair color have been popular during the latest seasons, and seems its being famous is not fading in the past. To tell the truth, ombre highlights are very useful not only to create wonderful looks but to hide some imperfections as well. If your hair stylist is a real professional, after ombre highlights yopu hair ends willl become healthy, at least they will look thick and healthy, your whole hairstyle will become more voluminous, the right change of colors will lighten uo your eyes and add some shade to your skin coor, thus making you look fantastic. Many women nowadays choose ombre hair color, cause above all th mentioned factors, it is easy to maintain and doesn't require regular refreshing. I will show you now some examples of ombre highlights and I am sure you will love them. (more…)