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2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles Tendencies

2014 Fall - Winter 2015 hairstyles tendencies

Now that autumn is in here already, we should go straightly to 2014 fall / winter 2014 hairstyles tendencies to find out what's new there. The fashion shows have recently¬† introduced us incredible designs with inventive color solutions and hairstyles mixture. I this article I have gathered the most fantastic hairdos that will inspire you to go for changes this season. Some of them are daring while the rest boost with natural designs and style. You will see braided hairstyles tendencies, sleeked back hairstyles and ponytails, voluminous hairstyles and simple straight hairstyles, bob hairstyles and wet effect hairstyles. As in other seasons, this time try to stay natural, as hair trends 2014 prompt us and lead to the next 2015 hair trends. Now in details about popular hairstyles, ladies. Here we go! (more…)

Ultra Hot Blonde Hair Color Solutions for Summer 2014

ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014

Blonde hair color is the one that attracts most attention.For men a woman with blonde hair is embodiment of femininity and an image of good mother that is considered to be genetic memory. Blonde hair color nowadays creates the most trendy hairstyles of the season it is very versatile. And not only naturally blondes can choose blonde hues, but redheads, browns and brunettes as well. You can become a total blonde, or choose having blonde highlights. From cold platinum blonde to the warmest honey blonde hair colors - all are popular summer hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles are also now full of blonde hair ideas, so it's time for you to look through ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014 and go for a change! (more…)

Modern Sensitive Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles 2014

Marilyn Monroe hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe is a beauty icon of all times. Women all over the world recreated her image for decades and even now her old photos look in the mainstream. Her hairstyle is a separate story. Based on a classy bob hairstyle, but accentuated with incredible blonde hair color, and the unbelievable curls made it an iconic hairstyle of the times. Many popular hairstyles chosen by celebrities introduce the same magical Marilyn Monroe blonde curls, that are elegant and sensual. Modern sensitive Marilyn Monroe hairstyles 2014 are the ones that usually have middle length varying from chin length to shoulder length. These trendy hairstyles can be designed not only with rollers as the well-known classy bob of the celebrity, but also with fringes and a bit wavy even sleek. (more…)

Cute Easy and Fashionable Hairstyles for Grey Hair

easy bob hairstyles for grey hair

Going grey arouses panic in any women. We at once try to use the best hair hues to hide the greys. When they are few, it's still okay, but when you start to go completely grey, you have two options: either to dye hair all the time, or to wear your grey tresses proudly. What?! - you can shout out now, but yes, grey hair can look very attractive and no need for damaging hair with permanent hues. Besides going grey is considered already one of the popular hairstyles. Rihanna and Pink have introduced with grey hairstyles already and you can never say that they look bad and out of fashion. After going through this article with cute easy and fashionable hairstyles for grey hair, I am sure you will change your opinion and come to sport natural silver color. But before let's find out which is the best hair length for grey hair. (more…)

Voguish Copper Hair Color 2014

voguish copper hair colors 2014

Endless popularity of metal hair colors resulted in appearance of a whole line of hair hues that vary from soft pinky colors, go through Satsuma and light auburn and end up with tangerine hair colors. And all this range we call copper hair color. No matter which shade of copper you will choose, you must know that copper is extremely eye-catching, and if with blonde or brown hues you could be not so bright, with copper you can't pass invisible. Yet the choice of copper should be very careful. Modern dying techniques allow to get amazing hair colors that look rich and natural and create the most popular hairstyles. But if you choose randomly, you can end in a copper-like hair color that will look very cheap. So are you ready to see pictures of voguish copper hair color 2014? Yes! But before let me explain how to choose copper hair color. (more…)

Magnificent Solutions for Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde hair is in the mainstream for some seasons already and can be called the trendy hair color 2014. It is usually represented by reddish variations of traditional blonde, but it's not that easy actually. Strawberry blonde hair can introduce lighter and darker tones, very soft and pinkish strawberry hair colors, as well more reddish and extravagant shades. Many celebrities come to choose strawberry blonde, for example Nicole Kidman has never tried another hair color and is always associated with strawberry blonde. As you can guess, strawberry blonde hair color is not just one color, and being very changeable it is perfect for us ladies, cause each new time you can have a new shade. Here are some magnificent solutions for strawberry blonde hair colors and I am sure you will like them. But before, let's clear up who can have strawberry blonde hair color? (more…)

On-Trend Hair Colors 2014

strawberry blonde hair colors 2014

Ladies have many ways to change their looks. We change clothes and style, have new accessories, we change haircuts from time to time choosing the most popular hairstyles. But to have a new haircut sometimes is harder than just having new color. With hair hues it seems simpler. You just choose a new hot hair color from hair trends 2014 and think whether it will fit you skin tone and eyes. On-trend hair colors 2014 introduce a variety of choice starting from blonde and deep brunette and ending with blonde with ombre highlights. The hair color trends 2014 are as follows: (more…)