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Hair Colors 2015: What’s Hot?

hair colors 2015

Hair colors 2015 have been discussed slightly when talking about recent Fashion weeks, but today let's devote the whole article to hair colors of the coming seasons.

Pastel hair colors have come back on the Fashion Weeks stages but do they become popular out the stage among people? Not that quickly I suppose. The best hair colors 2015 are those staying closer to natural tones and shades. Yet some bold solutions can also be appropriate. The trendy hairstyles are those in which you feel modern and fashionable, from baby-lights and ombre, to deep auburn and edgy hair colors, from pure burgundy to highlighted blonde hair shades. So if you seem to lack hairstyles for the coming SS15 season, go on looking for hair color inspiration, cause with new hair color your individuality will be filled with new spirits and you will conquer the world with your style. This article will reopen the world of colors right now! (more…)

Celebrity Hairstyles: Ready For SS15?

celebrity hairstyles 2015

The infinite source of inspiration for all of us, ladies, are the celebrity hairstyles, that are always trendy, unique and simply jaw-dropping.

Getting ready for SS15 let's have a look at the most vivid changes in celebrity hair designs. We can see celebs going abruptly short, changing hair color suddenly, going curly from straight hair and viceversa. So if the stars we adore manage to get fresh fashionable looks between shooting in movies, series, concerts, etc., why can't you adopt a new image? When talking about hairstyles 2015 stayiong close to natural hair colors and hair texture is very important, besides we have discussed once that long hairstyles will rock in SS15, but if you are having long hair for too much time go shorter and, why not, change color from brunette to caramel blonde. Let's see the gallery of celebrity transformation in hairstyles and adopt some for spring summer 2015! (more…)

Hair Colors 2015: Go Blonde To Be On-Trend

blonde hair colors 2015

Blonde hair color is one of the unique hair colors that go through decades starting from Marylin Monroe and never go out of fashion, so get ready for SS15.

Our beloved celebrity hairstyles almost always show us that blonde hair color rocks. From Gwen Stefani to Christina Aguilera all have tried to be blonde beauty. But this year blonde is not dramatic. And before going to hairdresser claiming to make you blonde, first keep in mind that blonde should look natural. We already well know that hair trends 2015 only sport natural looks. That is why now we have blonde hue charming variations: chocolate blonde, honey blonde hair color, matte blonde, ash blonde, caramel blonde, strawberry blonde hair colors and the list won't end up. The most trendy hairstyles come forward on blonde hair color base, so don't be shy, consider your skin tone and choose the most suiting blonde hair color. (more…)

Hair Colors 2015 & Redheads Trends

Emma Stone Red Hair Color 2015

After the fashion weeks we have highlighted it is quite obvious that hair colors 2015 will keep being close to natural, but it doesn't mean that they will be dull.

Celebrity hairstyles and hair colors never stop being our guide in the world of fashion and brand new tendencies. Today we will speak of hair colors trends 2015, and more precisely about redheads. Red hair color has been popular throughout the history, from strawberry blonde hair color to deep burgundy hair colors. The most popular hairstyles created on the basis of red hair can be very simple and easy, yet they will catch eyes due to the strong hue. Now let's have a look at celebrity hairstyles with red hair color and see what we can choose among them for hairstyles 2015 spring summer season. And why not this winter 2015, when in the cold air fire warm colors will brighten the sad days. (more…)

Penelope Cruz Celebrity Hairstyles for 2015

celebrity hairstyles 2015

Penelope Cruz is the beloved actress of world wide know directors Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen and this has its distinct reasons.

Her unique and characteristic beauty of a passionate Spanish woman is rather recognizable in all her movies, her rapacious black eyes like Spanish olives and her sensual lips, her famous brunette hair color is a standard of beauty everywhere. But she can be a chameleon as well despite her distinct image we all know well enough. Her celebrity hairstyles can vary from movie to movie, from long brunette hairstyles to short blond haircuts, from strict and elegant updo hairstyles to loose and romantic beach wavy hairstyles. It all depends on the gist and Penelope manages to perfectly recreate the mood of any character she happens to play. Her popular hairstyles are already the best inspiration for women in any corner of the world and still some of her iconic hair designs will set the hair trends 2015 again I am sure. (more…)

Honey Brown Hair Colors 2015 Will Become Ombre

brown ombre hair colors 2015

Honey brown hair color has been quite popular recently and the fashion shows proved again its being one of the trendiest hair colors 2015.

First we could spot some models with honey brown hair during New York Fahion Week. Alina Weber and Sasha Luss were the once to remind about this shade of brown hair color. Buit what they had was a bit coming close to ash blonde, while Paris Fashion Week indicated another brand new trend in hair colors 2015, that finds its way in subtle ombre highlights. That is honey brown hair color with ombre highlights! This is what you could see everywhere in Paris streets, the gorgeous combination, so sweet and subtle, just as if invented for spring sunny days. But if you manage to put together black and white extra fashionable autumn coat and have your brunette hair decorated with ombre highlights, be sure to look amazing in fall weather as well. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Brunette Hair Colors Inspiration

brunette hair colors 2015

Brunette hair color has always been a favourite choice for many celebrities and this season 2014 fall / winter 2015 is no exclusion.

With the weather having changed to a colder period, and with the nature as if fading away eith the last rays of sun, we all seek for a cup of hot tea, or coffee or hot chocolate. And is the mentioned drinks color we ladies also need to deepen your hair color to stay in touch with the changes in nature and to keep the warmth of summer in deep and warm hair colors 2015. From the above words you can guess that I lead to 2014 Fall / Winter 2015 brunette hair colors and celebrity hairstyles, that have been during ages the most popular color for beauty bunnies, starting from Audrey Hepburn with her dark and sharp pixie that caught all eyes and ending with the modern times beauty Penelope Cruz with her brunette hair color with highlights. (more…)