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Showy Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2015

Owners of long hair must know that they can look gorgeous and also they can look awful. Why? Long hairstyles require colossal efforts and time and investments. To look fantastic with longer tresses you do not only need to have it by nature, but also must be ready to invest yourself in your hair. And it is worthy all the efforts i must say. Hair trends 2015 stand for long hair and following the tendencies many women started growing out hair last year. The main source for looking flattening are the celebrity hairstyles. We have seen many updo styles starting from easy buns and ponytails and ending with complicated braids hairstyles, but right away I will introduce you the collection with showy loose long hairstyles for summer 2015.

Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyles 2015

What is the secret of having the fancy many of Angelina Jolie? The perfect proportion of length, color and texture. Some lazy waves combined with brown hair color that seems to have some subtle highlights, make the long hair look glossy and glamorous. Let's see some other celebrity popular hairstyles and get ready to spent a lot of hours and money to have the healthy tresses. (more…)

Freshen Up With Bangs Hairstyles 2015!

You have long hairstyles and will never want to change them? You have short haircuts and will never want to grow out hair? Does it mean that you are stuck with your style and can never look different without making a drastic change? Of course, it doesn't! Hairstyles with bangs are the best way to stay true to your beloved hairstyle and hair length, yet to freshen up your looks with the great new trick. Fringes will change your look at once, no matter you have short, long or medium hair, at once you will get the popular hairstyles of the current seasons. Bangs hairstyles 2015 also have character, and depending on how you want to look you will need to choose between baby bangs, elegant long side bangs, heavy eye-brow sweeping bangs and many others.

Bangs hairstyles 2015

The celebrity hairstyles are here to help us and get the right direction in hair trends 2015. So for those who will never hold down their hairstyle and still want to make a mind blowing change in appearance, I have gathered some pictures of hairstyles with the cutest bangs solutions. (more…)

Dainty Braided Bun Hairstyles 2015 Summer

The wonderful spring-summer 2015 season is here and we all are eager to change looks and to get ready for the parties and nights out with friends.If you have long hairstyle, the variety of choice is the greatest for you. But leaving hair loose may not be very comfortable in many situations. And here come the greatest bun hairstyles! Can you imagine another updo style that can be so diverse? Of course, ponytails can be different too, but bun hairstyles can fit any occasion, cause they can be very official and elegant and very messy and casual. Right away I will introduce you dainty braided bun hairstyles that will help you shine on no matter where you go.

braided bun hairstyles 2015

The hair trends 2015 set by celebrities are worth having a look at, moreover you need to see those braided hairstyles ending in buns chosen by celebs, and start learning how to style them. Cause I assure you that these popular celebrity hairstyles will win your hearts and those of the people around. (more…)

Celebrity Cute Fishtail Braids 2015

Hours spent on hair styling, patience and time, efforts and again patoence. Ladies with long hairstyles will understand what I am talking about. Spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out the way to cretae the best braids hairstyles 2015 is what many of us are doing right now. Braids were popular before and theyv are popuar hairstyles now. But there is one type hat became extremely on-trend receltlyy due to celebrity looks and choices. This is about the fishtail braids. They became so popular because they are not very difficult to create firstly, and secondly they give the great range of designs. So you can turn on your imagination and start following the hair trends 2015!

celebrity fishtail braids 2015

As I said fishtail braids are cute and not very complicated. Still you need to have some skills to design the wonderful examples of celebrity hairstyles I am going to introduce in this article. So start playing with your long tresses and experimenting and I am sure that soon enough you will have skills and the tolerance to style the notorious fishtail braids. (more…)

Catwalk Braids Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

No matter the times, no matter the country, the nationality, and the event you are getting ready for, you must know that braids hairstyles are there for any occasion. From easy every day messy braids and French braids, to the most complicated braided updo style, these amazingly popular hairstyles will help you in any situation. Hair trends 2015 suppose loose braided hairstyles that are not very polished, cause it gives more natural looks, but the catwalk shows bring froward for spring summer 2015 astounding diverse braids that can be applied to long and to medium hair as well.

Braids Hairstyles 2015

The braided hairstyles that we knew before were very simple French Braids, maybe Dutch braids sometimes, but the modern tendencies introduce a vast variants of braids for thick and thin hair. And the stylish highlighting on your tresses will only make the braids look more flattening creating some color play in your hair. So if you are eager to see the cute braided hairstyles inspired by the fashion shows let's go and look through my smart gallery. (more…)

Selena Gomez Celebrity Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Selena Gomez has become the beauty star of our time and it is quite normal that teend girls and even grown up ladies come to copy her style. We closely follow what she is wearing, what make up trends she prefers and for sure what popular hairstyles she chooses. For women with round face shape her styles can be very i spring. Her celebrity hairstyles are diverse and they all accentuate her best feutures and make her face look more oval. Now let's see some of her best looks and decide what to copy.

Selena Gomez long hairstyles 2015

Both for teens and grown up women I will suggest wearing simple loose long hairstyles. As we know hair trends 2015 also sport natural looks, and if you happen to have the right layering for the round face shape be sure that have very easy and trendy hairstyle. (more…)

Charming Thin Hair Long Hairstyles 2015

Long hairstyles are adorning any woman making her look feminine and divine. Many celebrities choose hairstyles that can hide the imperfectness of their hair and boost their volume and thickness. For ladies with thin hair it can be difficult to find some popular hairstyles that will be modern and at the same time easy and cute. Hair trends 2015 offer us natural hairstyles, but it doesn't mean that you cant add volume to your natural thin hair and as a result have gorgeous tresses.

Blake Lively Long Hairstyles 2015 Dianna Agron Long Hairstyles 2015

You can make your thin hair look thicker both when loose and when tied in an updo hairstyle. Making waves and curls is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about adding volume. Curly hairstyles look admiring and very womanly. And as I said you can make an updo and comb hair back adding volume. By the way for spring 2015 hairstyles dark roots and light ends make a contrasting look that gives the illusion of much volume. (more…)