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2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles Tendencies

2014 Fall - Winter 2015 hairstyles tendencies

Now that autumn is in here already, we should go straightly to 2014 fall / winter 2014 hairstyles tendencies to find out what's new there. The fashion shows have recently  introduced us incredible designs with inventive color solutions and hairstyles mixture. I this article I have gathered the most fantastic hairdos that will inspire you to go for changes this season. Some of them are daring while the rest boost with natural designs and style. You will see braided hairstyles tendencies, sleeked back hairstyles and ponytails, voluminous hairstyles and simple straight hairstyles, bob hairstyles and wet effect hairstyles. As in other seasons, this time try to stay natural, as hair trends 2014 prompt us and lead to the next 2015 hair trends. Now in details about popular hairstyles, ladies. Here we go! (more…)

Cute Back To School Hairstyles 2014

head scarf back to school hairstyles 2014

When summer comes to end, we know that school comes to start. Among all the things that you may feel and think about the forth coming school year, girls, I am sure that fashion holds it's own niche in the listing. With the new school year we want to look brand new as well, a bit grown up, still a bit summer... So we come to a new wardrobe, new make up and for sure w seek for new hairstyles. Teen hairstyles nowadays introduce zillion of styles and options for you to choose, from relaxed loose styles, to polished ponytails, from long gorgeous tresses to short daring pixies, from natural hair color to most incredible color solutions. Mind that you don't need to dye you hair to get the trendy hairstyles, you can have clip-ins to your hair, or you can have semi-permanent hair dyes. Anyways, if you are not that brave to choose a bold eye-catching hair color, try hair accessories for your cute back to school hairstyles 2014 - headbands, scarves and clips will make you look amazing each single school day. Now enough words, girls, let's see back to school hairstyles now! (more…)

Lovely Vacation Summer Hairstyles 2014

summer-hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time for vacations. After the whole year spent at wok or at college we need a good rest. We plan our trips thoroughly not to miss any single detail and make sure that the journey will be a real fun without unexpected happenings. Among all the stuff we thunk beforehand, I must say that the choice of summer hairstyles is quite significant. On the road to the sea we need to take the most of the fun, instead of thinking of creating cute hairstyles, washing hair and spending hours on styling. Forget about big city popular hairstyles and for summer choose the most comfortable and easy-to-do hair designs that will allow you to enjoy the vacations to the full. Here is a collection of lovely vacation summer hairstyles 2014, that will make the choice of hairstyle for you much easier, I hope. (more…)

Lovely Head Scarves for Summer Hairstyles 2014

summer head scarves 2014

Ladies, I know well enough that quite often we become tired of our own image and style. Still to change haircuts and hair colors all the time is not for many of us. Particularly on hot summer days we need to leave hair straight and untouched without applying any efforts, and yet we seek for good looks. What to do in this case? I have an answer here - hair accessories, precisely head scarves that appear to be perfect complements for retro hairstyles in hot summer days. With headwraps and scarves you can create any style you may like. You don't believe me? Let's check out lovely head scarves for summer hairstyles 2014 and get convinced that scarves are a gorgeous hair accessory of all times. (more…)

Incredibly Cute Homecoming Hairstyles 2014

curly updo homecoming hairstyles 2014

Prom is a very important event in any girl's life. We get ready beforehand and choose the most fantastic styles. Above prom there is another event - homecoming party, that is less formal than prom, but to look gorgeous is a must. The big question is what to put on and how to style hair for prom not to look too official and at the same time casual? Well for homecoming hairstyles I can mention that all popular hairstyles for prom can do, just style more casual variations of the solemn hairstyles. So which are the incredibly cute homecoming hairstyles 2014? Here is the answer: (more…)

Fascinating Long Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

long curly mohawk hairstyle

When it comes to Mohawk hairstyles we usually imagine short Mohawk, that looks funky and is rather a teenage popular hairstyle. Mohawk and long hairstyles were once incompatible things. You could never imagine long Mohawk hairstyles but nowadays a vast line of gorgeous long Mohawks is represented by the most well known hair stylist. And the most important is that in contradiction to short ones, long Mohawk hairstyles are very exquisite and feminine and can be worn on the most special events. You can have crop cut or shaved sides, or you can try braided sides as the basis for the amazing Mohawk. I have put together some fascinating long Mohawk hairstyle ideas in this article and I hope you will enjoy it. (more…)

Cute Medium Haircuts 2014

blonde medium hairstyles

It is set in our nature to go for changes, women never like the same repeating things surrounding them That is why we often want to change something in our appearance, just a small thing, even just to know that something is not like always. The inner feeling of fresh touch makes us be confident and calm. It is amazing how a woman can totally transform when she simply makes a new hairstyle or haircut. Not only visual changes take place, but the inside world also undergoes some shifts accordingly. The most harmless change is medium hairstyle. It is not so dramatic to cut off long tresses and also not very hard to grow a bit short hair. And medium hair length is fabulous with its diversity. The main hair trends 2014 tell us that your medium haircut should be either blunt cut or shaggy layered, and either side parted or with a long side bang. So let's check out cute medium haircuts 2014 right now. (more…)