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Hair trends 2015: Smashing Ponytails

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Ponytails are one of the favourite hairstyles for the coming spring 2015 season making the headturning comeback with famous sumo knots at New York Fashion Week.

Indeed the whole summer and previous seasons we were talking about loose and relaxed hairstyles making much accent on beach waves, short bob haircuts and pixies. While now we clearly can see the long hairstyles tendency for 2015 and it's high time to let your tresses grow. For sure boho waves discussed before are extremely trendy but what makes ponytails so unique is their simple design and elegant looks. Besides ponytails can save your hours of styling and make you look amazing even on bad hair days. For ladies with greasy hair, the ponytail popular hairstyles are a real fortune, cause you can forget about washing hair every now and then and style a gorgeous ponytail instead. So let's have a look at runway hairstyles pictures. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Boho Waves

boho waves hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 for spring and summer were introduced at all the Fashion Weeks we have discussed, and now I want to introduce you a collection of boho waves.

Actually, one of the main hair trends for the coming season SS15 is wearing long hairstyles. Yes, many celebrities still go for bob and lob hairstyles, but look at runway trendy hairstyles and you will see that long hair will set the fashion looks. All possible designs with long hairstyles will be popular, you may consider slicked back hair, braided hairstyles, or loose straight hair. So if you have short hair, there still remains time to get the super stylish long hairstyles 2015. Now more in detail about boho waves. Have you noticed the gorgeous hair gurus designs this year? All so natural and relaxed and boho waves making the majority. Let's start with hairstyles pictures right away. (more…)

Hair Colors 2015: What’s Hot?

hair colors 2015

Hair colors 2015 have been discussed slightly when talking about recent Fashion weeks, but today let's devote the whole article to hair colors of the coming seasons.

Pastel hair colors have come back on the Fashion Weeks stages but do they become popular out the stage among people? Not that quickly I suppose. The best hair colors 2015 are those staying closer to natural tones and shades. Yet some bold solutions can also be appropriate. The trendy hairstyles are those in which you feel modern and fashionable, from baby-lights and ombre, to deep auburn and edgy hair colors, from pure burgundy to highlighted blonde hair shades. So if you seem to lack hairstyles for the coming SS15 season, go on looking for hair color inspiration, cause with new hair color your individuality will be filled with new spirits and you will conquer the world with your style. This article will reopen the world of colors right now! (more…)

How To Match Berets & Hairstyles 2015

berets and hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 are not introduced alone but with various hair accessories we have already discussed and berets are among them.

From Fendi leather crocodile hair accessories to Dolce & Gabbana Spanish inspirational flower hair  accessories we see that having simple hairstyles combined with some chic element is very trendy. But we never talked about hats. Hair trends 2015 include also fall and winter season and that is why we need to know how to combine berets and hairstyles 2015. Berets are not only a way to keep head and ears warm, and to fight bad hair days but it is a way to show off your individuality, cause with berets any unimaginable combinations are possible. So try to have popular hairstyles paired with berets for the cold seasons. Robert Pattison girlfriend FKA twigs, Rihanna, Beyonce and many others already have their berets, so what about you? (more…)

Timeless Wedding Hairstyles for 2015

wedding hairstyles for 2015

Wedding hairstyles are a topic for infinite discussions, and many designs and hair solutions are very individual for each woman.

When you already have the engagement ring on you finger, when you have chosen the wedding dress, and made all the arrangements for wedding ceremony and after party, there is still one thing that requires your attention: wedding hairstyles. Bridal hairstyles should express yourself and to tell the truth it is not that easy to create a chic hairstyles that will alone reflect your character, individuality and your feelings of the greatest day in your life. The requirements for popular wedding hairstyles are quite simple yet very deep. It should be something elegant, simple, actual for all times and very individual. Let's discuss now timeless wedding hairstyles for 2015 collected from the most prominent weddings throughout the past decades, that left their unforgettable trace in fashion history. (more…)

Paris Fashion Week Hair Trends 2015 Spring Summer

paris fashion week hairstyles spring summer 2015

Paris Fashion Week introduced us hairstyles for spring summer 2015 that we all expected much.

For sure London Fashion Week, NYFW and Milan Fashion Week have shown us the main hair trends 2015 and we already learned that center parted hairstyles and slicked back hairstyles are going to be the main trend. For sure braids hairstyles are not left out from the list, still in spite of the exquisite designs we have already seen, I must say that the most special hairstyles solutions were left for Paris Fashion Week that proves once again its being the center of world fashion. Here is the collection of the most fascinating hairstyles and make up spotted in best designers' SS15 collections. (more…)

Cute Short Hairstyles 2015

cute short hairstyles 2015

Discover cute short hairstyles 2015 right now by going though this article with the most recent images of short hair from red carpet and fashion shows.

All of the hair trends 2015 for short hair that I a going to introduce you are fashionable and very stylish. You can have short haircuts with bangs, long layered bangs, and side fringes, or you can have looks without bangs at all, some pixie haircuts and bob hairstyles are simply astounding without any bangs and just forehead open. Besides, we well know that short haircut is always stylish, yes it is daring and not very usual in some cases, but hairstyles 2015 will prove that short hair is the best way to express yourself, your independence and character. some may say that short hair can limit styling opportunities, but lets go ahead and see the versatility of styles you can actually have. (more…)