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NYFW Best Street Style Hairstyles 2017 Spring

One of the fashion capitals is saying good bye to the week of fashion and we are here to witness the best street style looks and hairstyles 2017 from NYFW street and beauty bunnies. For sure going to runways and high fashion designer collection could make it easier to determine the trends coming on, but I am deeply sure that it is the street style that determines the fashion directions for millions of people. Before the trends come down to crowd from red carpets and runways, we can already smell what is there to be fashionable in hairstyles next spring and summer.


And all you need to do to smell the hair trends yourself is going through the post below and see the brightest looks from fashion week New York streets and the appropriate cute and easy hairstyles for Spring. (more…)

Spectacular Celebrity Long Hairstyles

In this modern world where we are seeking for easy hairstyles that do not need much acre and styling, when we go for short haircuts and timeless bobs to make life easier, on the other end of the story there are still people who adore long hair. And by the way I am not talking about naturally long hair, it can be extensions sported by stars so much. So here we are to discuss celebrity long hairstyles from different epochs, form different world wide known women from Brigitte Bardot to Lady gaga and Selena Gomez.

Spectacular Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Actually hair trends for 2016 have it that long hairstyles are in the mainstream. Long and naturally looking. For sure last season we noticed huge interest to naturally curly and very short hairstyles for black women, but this is specific, on the whole the long hairstyles are fashionable now and will always be. (more…)

PFW Street Style Looks & Hairstyles 2016

Going through the runways and streets of the Big Four Fashion Cities we finally came to the the most trendy and fashionable city in the world - Paris. Before we consider the catwalk looks, I would to walk together with you along the autumn Paris streets and see the unforgettable looks and popular street hairstyles, that in some sense set the definite trends in fashion and style than the runway designer shows. Admire the outfit, enjoy the walk as if you were in Paris and get ready to copy the best hairstyles for 2016 from the common people in streets of Paris Fashion Week SS16.

PFW street hairstyles 2016

While the runways have their own tendencies, we see that ladies in street sport long hairstyles and center parts at first place. Some adore bob haircuts, and black women are fully devoted to their natural hairstyles. Intrigued? Here we go then through the street style looks and cute hairstyles or Paris! (more…)

NYFW SS16 Best Hairstyles

Here comes the first fashion week in the Big Four schedule - the New York fashion Week with its collections for SS16. And we are eager to see the hairstyles 2016 promoted by the best hairstylist and designers. What will we see? First of all natural hairstyles. This is again the main slogan for hair trends of the coming season. Designers say that they tried to create easy hairstyles that can easily transfer from day looks, into night life. The poplar hairstyles that look like you have just been in bed asleep, and just arranged tresses slightly to go out, the hairstyles that look very simple, yet need time to make them look so natural.

NYFW Hairstyles 2016

All the simple updos and wavy hairstyles, bob cuts and wet effect hair are set in one place waiting for you to look through them to find your best hairstyles for the next spring and summer. So better have a look now to be definitely on-trend when the time comes. (more…)

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles Spotted Off Red Carpet

Each event in fashion and ar6t industry draws attention of millions of people around the world. Boys and girls, men and women, of all ages and nationalities start to follow the events and admire the shining celebrities of our time. This is true about many events and mostly about the exquisite and delicate 68th Cannes Film Festival, that each year unites the most beautiful people in one place and let us follow their style and outfit, their make up and celebrity hairstyles. We closely look at all the images we see at the red carpet and adore haute couture dresses and super trendy hairstyles for 2015, but there is one little secret - the most charming looks are behind the scenes, so the off red carpet hairstyles are the cutest and more useful for every day life.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles - Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson

This time Kendall was beyond any words, each dress she wore, each hairstyle she adapted was extra trendy, but look how nice she is off the red carpet with her cute easy hairstyle left loose and relaxed as hair trends 2015 want it to be. (more…)

Cute & Easy Celebrity Updos 2015

Updo hairstyles are the most gorgeous and elegant styles ever. Though among them we can find casual designs for every day life, like simple ponytails, or half updos, or messy buns. The truth is that cute polished updos are the styles that can make you look official and feminine and keep distance between you and the rest of the people admiring your beauty. Hair trends 2015 stand for natural appearances that is very complicated styles are not fashionable this spring summer 2015 seasons. You can try the cute and easy celebrity hairstyles, that will convert you into a diva.

celebrity updo hairstyles 2015

It doesn't matter for modern hair styling techniques what hair length you have. Even short haircuts, not pixies for sure, but bob styles can be the good base for a stylish updo. In this article I have gathered some of the most impressive, yet easy and cute hairstyles from celebrities. You can look though them and get convinced that looking glamorous is not that difficult. You just need to devote a little bit more time to your tresses and learn to create popular hairstyles for any occasion. (more…)

Saucy Shaved Sides Mens Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Fashion was once meant for women mostly but nowadays to look trendy and stylish is as essential for a modern man as for a woman. Besides, women pay much attention to the way the man looks. First come shoes, then outfit and the mens hairstyles for sire. Women like when men look accurate, maybe not very polished and neat, but accurate and taken care of. Hair trends 2015 for men offer first of all beards with short haircuts. This tendency makes men look braver and stronger. As for hairstyles for men for spring 2015 I will suggest looking through this gallery of shaved sides hairstyles that are among the most popular hairstyles for men during SS15.

mens hairstyles 2015

Shaved sides hairstyles are not limited by simply short hair and very short and shaved sides. Actually among these hairstyles for men you can find the one that will fit you and will reflect your personality. Longer bangs hairstyles, Mohawk hairstyles, long hairstyles with shaved sides, many designs are possible and popular now. So you can consider your hair type and your lifestyle and choose the hottest mens hairstyle to fell stylish and confident conquer women. (more…)