Celebrity Hairstyles

Glamorous Met Gala 2015 Hairstyles

One of the most important events each spring is  the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City that took place on May 4 this time. All around you could see celebrities with astounding dresses, evening gowns, accessories, make-up and for sure popular hairstyles. There was something common in all the stars and that was the topic of the Gala that has inspired our beauties and their designers to create the wonderful images, the topic was "China: through the looking glass" And the truth is that the majority of celebrities managed to transmit the air of East at the Gala. As for the hair trends 2015 and mostly natural looks, I must say that it prevailed at the Met Gala 2015

Met Gala 2015 Hairstyles

The participants chose unforgettable dresses but the make-up and hairstyles stayed closer to natural. The celebrity hairstyles were in the majority of cases either variations of [ponytails or simple loose hairstyles that allows to boost perfect hair condition, healthy and glossy. (more…)

Celebrity Hairstyles for Women over 40

This article will show you the best ways for looking youthful and appropriate to your age. When we are 20, ladies, we can be careless and relaxed and don't pay attention to what we put on and what make-up and hairstyles we choose. At the age of 30 we become more accurate n, not much, because the natural beauty is still there , not fading away. But when we reach the age of 40 it is time to reconsider your ways and habits. You can't look careless already and your style must be carefully chosen. Hope that with wardrobe you will decide yourself, and I will show you now the best celebrity hairstyles for women over 40. It is not necessary to look old or elegant so that people can appreciate. No you need to look yourself but more clever and experience.

celebrity hairstyles 2015

The hair trends 2015 have good ideas taken from celebrities of Balzac age. The popular hairstyles for women over 40 are not definite, there can be long hairstyles showing off the gorgeous mane, and short haircuts like pixies making your life much easier. Anyways, the celebrity hairstyles below will inspire you if you appeared to be lost and if you are feeling a bit grown up already. (more…)

Showy Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2015

Owners of long hair must know that they can look gorgeous and also they can look awful. Why? Long hairstyles require colossal efforts and time and investments. To look fantastic with longer tresses you do not only need to have it by nature, but also must be ready to invest yourself in your hair. And it is worthy all the efforts i must say. Hair trends 2015 stand for long hair and following the tendencies many women started growing out hair last year. The main source for looking flattening are the celebrity hairstyles. We have seen many updo styles starting from easy buns and ponytails and ending with complicated braids hairstyles, but right away I will introduce you the collection with showy loose long hairstyles for summer 2015.

Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyles 2015

What is the secret of having the fancy many of Angelina Jolie? The perfect proportion of length, color and texture. Some lazy waves combined with brown hair color that seems to have some subtle highlights, make the long hair look glossy and glamorous. Let's see some other celebrity popular hairstyles and get ready to spent a lot of hours and money to have the healthy tresses. (more…)

Charming Downdo Hairstyles 2015

Following the hair trends 2015 let's have a look at relaxed loose hairstyles that are so fancy indeed. Long hairstyles are in the mainstream this spring summer 2015 seasons, and that is quite logical. Long hair that is glossy and healthy can be a perfect base for as many hairstyles as you can imagine. And what is more important in this case, it is perfect for loose downdo popular hairstyles. They are smooth, chic, relaxed and transmit unique femininity that no other hairstyles can do. It is like genetic memory that a woman with long hairstyles left loose, straight or wavy is the embodiment of beauty. So why not to try it right now?

Curly Downdo hairstyles 2015

First you will need to prepare your hair to have the celebrity hairstyles. I mean you have to take care of them, devote tie and efforts to make the long tresses look gorgeous. And then with the coming of summer you will recreate the loose hairstyles offered by celebrities that I have gathered in this article. (more…)

Adorable Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2015

For many women short haircuts are very simple and plain and exclude variety of images ladies seek for. Sometimes men also say that short haircuts are dull and not sexual at all. But this is just because they do not know about popular short hairstyles with bangs! Short haircuts can change the image and style by changing texture and going curly or straight, but changing the parting, the hair colors and highlights and also by changing the fringes. Depending on you bangs type you can have totally different looks that will allow you follo9w the hair trends 2015 and look very fashionable. The long side swept bangs will make you look elegant with your short hair, while shorter baby bangs will add childish charm to your looks.

short hairstyles with bangs 2015

The below celebrity short hairstyles will help you understand the meaning and the function of bangs and how incredibly useful they are. No matter you want to look extra modern with funky pixie or have vintage hairstyles with classy bob, bangs will adorn you, frame you face and make you look fantastic. (more…)

Stylish Extra Short Hairstyles 2015 Summer

We are living in a century where all is possible, where people are tolerate and patient and used to accepting new tendencies in the sphere of fashion. Still there is something that seems to be under discussion for ages now. I am talking about short haircuts for women. Long hair is traditional for women, and hair trends 2015 offer us hairstyle with long hair precisely. But short hairstyles are here in the mainstream and they never stop being on-trend. What is the zest of short hair? Firstly, before they were considered quite boyish and underwent reprimands from the society. But now popular short haircuts introduce sexy and stylish women, who are not afraid to make a statement.

Short hairstyles 2015

If we look around we will find many celebrity hairstyles based on short hair - pixies, bob haircuts, crop cuts and even shaved heads. And this is not only about easy managing and functionality, but about looking extra trendy and standing out of the crowd. So will you dare to have one of the extra short haircuts for summer 2015? (more…)

Overwhelming Pixie Haircuts 2015 Summer

Hair trends 2015 are sporting long hairstyles, this is universally known and accepted. Long hair is gorgeous, and at the same time it is not easy to take care of. Wearing long hairstyles requires time to manage the tresses into some hairstyle. And what if you do not have that time, but you do want to look stylish and fashionable? The answer is pixie haircuts. his is what every modern busy woman will nee. Popular pixie hairstyles are easy to maintain and take care of, besides they look super stylish, daring and confident that is quite important for a woman involved in some kind of business.

pixie haircuts 2015

So short hairstyles are good enough for those appreciating their time and efforts and seeking to modern image of a an elegant business lady. Look through the below celebrity hairstyles representing smartest pixie cuts and decide whether you are ready for this step. (more…)