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Best Hairstyles 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival 2015 was a real feast of beauty, style and fashion. So many faces, dresses and all so charming and elegant. For sure as during any important event there were best looks and worst ones, but after the closing ceremony on Sunday May 24th one is for sure that French style was seen in every single celebrity look. From top models to the most modest actresses you could spot unforgettable dresses, make up and popular hairstyles. Our aim is to concentrate on the best celebrity hairstyles form Cannes 2015 and get celebrity inspiration from the marvellous images we happened to witness.

celebrity hairstyles 2015 Cannes

Hair trends 2015 found their reflection in Cannes for sure. Though event itself was extremely glamorous, hairstyles of celebs remained to be as close to natural looks as possible. From loose wavy hairstyles to messy updos nothing looked artificial, and on the contrary each of the hairstyles 2015 tried to underline best features of their owners. Let's see the hairstyles pictures and admire style and taste. (more…)

Celebrity Hairstyles 2015 Billboards Music Awards

Billboard Music awards tends to be the most important event in music industry of the current season. It takes place annually in Las Vegas and hosts all the talented singers in one place. But the people attending it are not only talented in music, but also much talented in having gorgeous appearance: the dresses, the make up and the celebrity hairstyles from Billboards 2015 will be inspiring us for some time and will be a good start for the summer 2015 season. The looks were very hot and sexy, from Jennifer Lopez voluminous hairstyles to Kendall Jenner extra trendy slicked back hairstyles.

Billboard Music Awards 2015 Hairstyles

Anyways, no one seemed to forget about the main hair trends 2015 and the natural looks. So almost no celebrity was seen in complicated hairstyles. On the contrary, the popular celebrity hairstyles were either slick and polished, or beehive and huge, both looking relaxed and stylish. So why wait more, let's have a look at the greatest hairstyles pictures form Billboard Awards 2015. (more…)

Vintage Hairstyles To Wear In Summer 2015

When we speak about vintage looks and 1920's or 1940's or 1960's what comes to mind in first place are the gorgeous hairstyles that had their unique impact on fashion trends of modern time. During these decades many things have happened in history, like landing on the Moon, but what fascinates women most are the vintage hairstyles of soft big waves, or 60's pixie haircuts and straight geometric shapes. Modern retro hairstyles to be popular in summer 2015 have all the things from their vintage antecedents but for sure the modern touches have updated them to look better and more stylish.

Retro Hairstyles 2015

In our present day life we have many things coming back from the past time, and like the new fashionable bug-eyed sunglasses, we have in the mainstream the popular hairstyles of retro style with pins and bob haircuts, with long waves and extra short bangs. This article will show you the comparison of celebrity retro hairstyles and their newer version that are trendy in 2015 and you should hurry to copy them before they become history once again. (more…)

Celebrity Hairstyles 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival 2015 - is one of the most important events in film industry and why only film, on the whole in the world of fashion and art it has leading positions. Each year we can see our beloved actors, singers and celebrities from all possible spheres show off on the red carpet in Cannes. The most beautiful dresses from the most honourable designers, make up, accessories and for sure the greatest celebrity hairstyles by a most prominent hair stylists gather all in one place and allow us to see, admire and get inspired. Hair trends 2015 again verified the main tendency of natural looks and combined cute and easy hairstyles with incredibly impressive dresses.

Hofit Golan Celebrity Hairstyles 2015 Cannes

Supermodels were spotted again on the red carpet, and introduced not only perfect shapes that make women all over the world go to gym and stop eating cakes, but also style and unique beauty. Enough words already, let's see the popular hairstyles 2015 from Cannes in combination with amazing gowns and outfits. (more…)

Cannes 2015: Timeless Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Each year at this very period we witness the greatest feast for movies to be shown and appraised on the one hand and on the other we can admire infinite celebrity hairstyles and dresses and draw inspiration from them. Cannes Film Festival is the time when celebrities forget about everything and get ready to surprise their fans with glamorous hairstyles on the red carpet as well as on the after parties. Today in this article you will find best celebrity hairstyles from Cannes of all time. And soon enough we will turn to Cannes 2015 with hairstyles and trends of these seasons.

Cannes Festival 2012 Eva Longoria Celebrity Hairstyles

The popular hairstyles pictures below are on purpose chosen together with the evening gowns of our beloved celebs, so that you can see the harmonious image of theirs with make up, dresses, accessories and hairstyles. Hair trends 2015 have drawn much from the previous tendencies and you can get convinced in that right away. (more…)

Best Couples & Celebrity Hairstyles 2015 Met Gala

We have reviewed already the looks and hairstyles from Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City that the whole world had the honour to witness on May 4 this year. But come on buddies! There is still one of the most curious things to be discussed and considered - the celebrity couples and their harmonious looks! This topic is the most gossiped one and indeed it arouses interest. But what we will consider in this article are the celebrity hairstyles, and how well the couples looked together in one unique style. Hair trends 2015 have been set a while before, but with each such event, we get more prominent directions of hairstyles for men and women equally.

Best Couples and Celebrity Hairstyles 2015

The main popular hairstyles introduced by celebrities were ponytails of all possible types, low and polished center parted ponytails, high and extravagant ponytails, ponytails ending in a bun and others. And we could spot relaxed hairstyles, left loose wavy and natural. And as for men, elegant short haircuts seem to be the trend, that is accompanied by the brutal beard. (more…)

Saucy Met Gala 2015 Mens Hairstyles

Just a couple of days ago we witnessed one of the most amazing events of the season. Spring 2015 have given us another show that will inspire us for the coming summer. And although at first sight all eyes were on women celebrities who were simply adorable in their smart dresses and trendy hairstyles, yet men are also worthy attention. From Robert Pattinson to Usher the most adorable and desired men all over the world showed off during Met Gala 2015 devoted to China: Through the Looking Glass topic. Men celebrities all looked elegant and their suits caught attention, but what is more important we could spot all new saucy mens hairstyles to copy now.

Met Gala 2015 Mens Hairstyles

Some of the guys had sleek and wet effect hairstyles as hair trends 2015 have set it, the others looked more casual and had their mid length hair tousled. And many of men celebrities wore their popular hairstyles alongside with beards, that is still very trendy, stylish and manly. (more…)