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Celebrity Beach Waves Hair 2015 Summer

Summer is here and the beach, the sea. the sun and hot summer days are the only things each of us looks for. But beaches are not cool only for being marvellous placed but also for how they make us look, ladies. The sea breeze coming from salty water creates those unforgettable beach wavy hairstyles that we seek to opt in big city life. Well, even if you are away from sea you can still try to design these super relaxed summer 2015 beach waves hair. First look at the celebrity hairstyles and get convinced that no matter short or long hair, you can have beach waves and wear them proudly to look cutie and sunny.

beach waves hair 2015

And then you can go to your hairstylist and ask for the most astonishing beach waves hair. Well, to tell the truth though this kind of popular hairstyles are really amazing, besides they are easy to do and they are looking natural, just as hair trends 2015 want us to look. So hairstylist is not always needed. Just buy a sea salt spray and watch some tutorials and here you are, ready to go out with the beach waves and rock this summertime! (more…)

Tony Awards 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Tony Awards 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Center parted hairstyles were many, but deep side parting was also welcomed. And as for make up details, note that red lipstick is still there, on trend and in the mainstream.So why wait more, let's see the perfect celebrity hairstyles from 2015 Tony's red carpet. (more…)

Sleek & Straight Summer Ponytails 2015

Long hairstyles are in the mainstream this year and this is the bare truth. ling before the year started, hair trends 2015 were set and adopted by designers and hairstylist and we had to choice but follow the tendencies. But with the coming of hot summer season, we face a problem with long hair. It is hot and leaving hair loose is uncomfortable. With wavy hair it is even worse cause no matter how long you straighten it, it becomes wavy at once due to hot air streams. Well, there is a clue here - updo hairstyles. All kind of updos, braids updos, easy and casual, elegant and exquisite, buns and messy styles and of course ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles are the ones to solve your hair problems in any situation and for any event.

summer ponytails 2015

We usually think of ponytail as of something ordinary that can;t fit some important event, and women usually have ponytail hairstyles at home. But look at the celebrity hairstyles collection in this articel, Sleek and straight ponytails are ideal for summer 2015. They are solid and elgenat and feminine. So why not opt for them right now? (more…)

Cannes amfAR Gala 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles


68th Cannes Film Festival is already finished and gone but we are still inspired by the beauty images that we spotted on and off the red carpet. During the ceremony opening and closing, and during the whole days of the festival the celebrities showed off their unique outfit and hairstyles and we were right there to see and remember all. This was all about the Film Festival, but as rumours have it in Cannes there are two parts, two faces of the same event. And the second part is the amfAR Gala 2015, that is the fund aimed at AIDS fighting measures raising, and this is the feast for rich and notorious people who do not only show off their beauty and style but also give away their money. This time amfAR Gala was outstanding again, and the spotted popular celebrity hairstyles 2015 are worthy attention as always.

Cannes amfAR Gala 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

As hair trends 2015 have it summer hairstyles should be relaxed and long, and this is what we saw on the majority of celebs at the evnet. Though the dresses were chic and charming, hair seemed to be relaxed and quite natural. (more…)

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles Spotted Off Red Carpet

Each event in fashion and ar6t industry draws attention of millions of people around the world. Boys and girls, men and women, of all ages and nationalities start to follow the events and admire the shining celebrities of our time. This is true about many events and mostly about the exquisite and delicate 68th Cannes Film Festival, that each year unites the most beautiful people in one place and let us follow their style and outfit, their make up and celebrity hairstyles. We closely look at all the images we see at the red carpet and adore haute couture dresses and super trendy hairstyles for 2015, but there is one little secret - the most charming looks are behind the scenes, so the off red carpet hairstyles are the cutest and more useful for every day life.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles - Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson

This time Kendall was beyond any words, each dress she wore, each hairstyle she adapted was extra trendy, but look how nice she is off the red carpet with her cute easy hairstyle left loose and relaxed as hair trends 2015 want it to be. (more…)

Dazzling Hairstyles To Rock Summer 2015

Now that cold day are gone, all ladies seek for a new image. First we come to wardrobe, then rush for bags and other accessories, we choose new perfume to smell like summer, we try new solutions in make up to follow the trends, and for sure we come to seek for brand new hairstyles for summer 2015. And here we face a problem: after long dull days of winter, spring has brought into our lives a bit of sun and courage, still we have either long hairstyles that grew up through the winter, or we have bangs that appeared because in cold days we preferred not to cut hair short, or we can have whatever. But now that the summer is here, we should follow hair trends 2015 and change to super trendy looks.

celebrity summer hairstyles 2015

The only thing to remember this summer is to have natural looking hairstyles, no matter long, short or bob, it should be relaxed and easy going. And here are our favourite beauties to introduce their celebrity hairstyles that will be popular in this hottest time of the year. (more…)

Trendy Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Vivid hair colors and crazy hair shades, fusion of styles in one, daring and artificial looks - this all was popular the previous seasons. But now going forward to summer 2015 hair colors, we need to know some bare truth: natural looks - this is what hair trends 2015 prompt us to have this year and precisely this summer season. That is why we see every where one tone hair shades. No highlights, no ombre hair colors, but deep one-dimensional colors. Well, the word one dimensional seems to be very dull and not that pleasant defining something as not interesting at all. But now that we speak about hair colors 2015 that is the exact world to describe all modern tendencies in hair colors.

Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Brunettes, with deep dark chocolate hair colors, blondes with caramel shades, and redheads with strawberry tone this is what we will be seeing this summer everywhere. So you still have some time to have a look at the trendy styles and rush to your stylist to get the popular hairstyles, and the below celebrity hairstyles will be your inspiration. (more…)